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Toshiba SDI Ceiling Mount

The Digital Inverter series of ceiling suspended units can be discreetly positioned under the ceilings. They are ideal for offices, classroom and restaurants, where very low noise levels are required.

The automatic louvre control and low noise levels are the key characteristics of this state-of-the-art unit.

The units are suitable for use with either new R410A refrigerant pipework, or indeed can be used as ‘replacement technology’ enabling the re-use of existing R22 or R407c pipework.

  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • High performance operation, using digital inverter control
  • Infra-red and wired controls available
  • Operational at 30dB(A), twice as quiet as conventional units
  • Automatic louvre control for cooling and heating modes plus auto-swing
  • Uniform temperatures throughout the room
  • Mould-proof, fully recyclable drain pan
  • Twin-split also available
  • Ideal for R22 and R407c replacement