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RAS R32 Multi Split

Luxury and technology RAS multi-split inverter systems provide the ideal solution for 2 to 5 rooms with high performance, energy efficiency and a wide choice of indoor unit types.

Toshiba high-quality multi-split systems contribute to drastically reducing operating costs and increasing energy efficiency. The multi-split outdoor unit achieves efficiency in partial load conditions where the Toshiba inverters deliver their best performance. Toshiba’s new super-efficient DC twin-rotary compressor enables top-class performance at low energy consumption.

Toshiba DC Hybrid inverter an enhanced feature that ensures improved performance and reliability. Thanks to the efficient DC compressors, these units provide fast and precise temperature management.

  • DC Hybrid inverter
  • Twin rotary inverter compressors
  • Quiet low noise operation

Toshiba Inverter multi-split systems feature higher standards of indoor air quality, sound levels and environmental awareness. Special attention has been dedicated to night-time comfort, with improvement to silent operation mode, available on indoor units.

A wide range of indoor unit types are available:

  • High-Wall
  • Cassettes
  • Ducted
  • Floor Mounted Console