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Toshiba R32 Digital Inverter Condensing Units

R32 RAV Digital Inverter Outdoor

Toshiba Digital Inverter brings state-of-the-art inverter technology to the commercial sector, offering considerable advantages in terms of capacity, energy savings, optimised control, lower refrigerant charge and utilising the smallest physical dimensions and lightest range of outdoor units in the industry. For single, twin, triple and quad indoor installations.

DI will maximise your energy savings and keep operating costs to a minimum thanks to Toshiba’s legendary twin rotary compressors and vector controlled inverter.

  • 1~5hp models 220-240V/1-ph/50Hz
  • 4~5hp models 380-415V/3-ph/50Hz
  • Up to 12.8 kW in only 890mm height and 69kg weight
  • Power limitation by 1% step between 50% and 100% load for optimal capacity control
  • Standby power consumption reduced by 50% to 6W
  • Wide ambient range: cooling -15°C to +46°C heating +15°C to -15°C
  • Precise capacity control at all conditions
  • Utilises digital hybrid inverter technology
  • Removable corner panels for easy access
  • Auto diagnostic function
  • Quiet operation as low as 33dB (A)
  • Power supply to outdoor unit
  • In-built refrigerant ‘replacement technology’ for R22, R407C, R410A
  • Flexible, can be used in single, twin, triple or quad combination using all types of light-commercial indoor units
  • Indoor units are the same type, in the same room, operate simultaneously and have a single group controller
  • Branch kit must be used for triple combination
  • Branch kits for twin and quad combination are optional

Digital Inverter outdoor are among the lightest and most compact on the market. Their small size is suited for installations where space is limited. Comfort, ease of installation and simplicity are the strengths of the Toshiba DI systems.