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Toshiba Air Conditioning is a global leader in high efficiency, high performance air conditioning for commercial buildings and homes.

Its award-winning systems are used to maintain a comfortable, high productivity environment for offices, shops, hotels, hospitals and healthcare facilities, universities and leisure centres. The Toshiba range spans small, compact systems up to large distributed VRF systems for air conditioning multi-storey buildings.
Toshiba’s commitment to safeguarding the environment is demonstrated by the company becoming the first air conditioning supplier in the UK to be certified as a Carbon Neutral® Division. It is equally concerned about minimising the impact of refrigerants on the environment, and has developed a unique suite of technologies to detect and manage refrigerant leaks in working systems. Toshiba’s award-winning Total Refrigerant Protection and Management System is used by leading hotel chains to provide assurance for residents and staff.

Toshiba Air Conditioning is a dynamic and innovative company. It is committed to offering customers the most innovative, reliable and efficient technology available, supported by the highest levels of service and technical support.

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