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SMMSu 2-Pipe Heat Pump

With a new chassis, a new compressor and a new heat exchanger, the SMMSu ,latest generation of Toshiba VRF, is achieving unrivalled efficiency and outstanding comfort level with low environmental footprint.

Capacity – 8 > 120HP

SCOP Max – 4.79

Operation – -25/+52

Leading efficiency is in Toshiba DNA, efficiency is a key point:

  • The combination between a new unique Triple Rotary Compressor and a totally redesigned chassis is positioning the SMMSu as a top class seasonal efficiency VRF. As a result, owners are maximizing energy savings.
  • The second benefit related to Twin and Triple rotary compressors is the top class efficiency achieved at part load conditions. This point is particularly interesting knowing that 90% of the time the system is operating part load.
  • Finally, SMMSu is Eurovent certified. All the tests are conducted with conventional indoor units.

Leading flexibility and adaptability to answer a maximum of projects:

  • SMMS-u is available in single module from 8 to 24HP. If bigger capacities are needed, there is a possibility to combine up to 5 outdoor units to achieve 120HP.
  • Up to 3,000 combinations are possible depending upon products in stock, site constraints, efficiency targets, amount of refrigerant… Installers and consultants are free to make what they want, what they need.
  • A large range of indoor unit capacities from 0.3HP to 10HP position the SMMS-u as the right answer to any kind of project should it be refurbishment or new construction.
  • A compact chassis with 80Pa available pressure is also proposed for outside or inside installation in limited space.
  • Operating conditions from -25°C to +52°C make SMMS-u suitable to any kind of climates in Europe.

Leading connectivity to extend the boundaries:

  • Up to 1,200m total piping length with 250m from outdoor unit to the farthest indoor unit. Don’t be limited by piping restrictions.
  • Up to 110m height difference between outdoor and indoor units for high lift projects.
  • Up to 128 indoor units connected per system.
  • Thanks to the new TU2C-link protocol who is opening new perspectives. Up to 200% diversity ratio to adapt precisely capacity of the system to building usages. Toshiba selection tool will help you optimize your product selection and build a system following all rules.

Time savings:

  • No oil balance circuit needed anymore. Toshiba has developed a new oil management system to ensure continues lubrication for increasing reliability.
  • The Wave Tool 2.0 to get access to system information easily using Android smartphones. In the long list of accessible information, installers can also start a test run.
  • The new service tool using USB connection on the outdoor unit gives full access to all system information. Also accessible from indoor unit when using a link adaptor. Toshiba has added possibilities to record system operation to micro SD. Forwarding technical information to local contactor is also possible.

Comfort all year round:

  • Thanks to Intelligent flow function which is delivering always the right amount of refrigerant to the indoor units in demand. The target is to select the right quantity between too much and not enough. This is possible with the 800 speed inverter  compressor and the high precision PMV in every indoor units.
  • Up to 6 hours of continuous heating to maximize comfort all day. Toshiba has also developed a new defrost algorithm with two targets: Defrost only when absolutely needed and limit drastically defrost duration.
  • Indoor unit offer adapted to all room configuration: 4 way/ 2 way /1- way cassettes, slim/standard/high static pressure ducts, ceilings, high-walls, consoles, floor standing, water module. Toshiba is offering the widest range of indoor units on the market, all equipped with air filter and magic coil treatment on the heat exchanger to stay clean.
  • Using Toshiba remote systems give users access to a simple and accurate control of the indoor units.