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SMMSe 2-Pipe Heat Pump

The 2-pipe (heating and cooling) VRF Super Modular Multi System e (SMMSe) operates with R410A refrigerant and incorporates the latest inverter technology in all outdoor unit models.

In addition, the innovative design incorporates two inverter driven compressors in every module. The capacities range from 14 to 135 kW in cooling mode and 16 to 150 kW in heating mode with a capability to serve up to 48 indoor units.

  • Modular design, light weight and compact from 8 to 60 hp, 22 to 168 kW
  • Utilises R410A none ozone depleting Refrigerant
  • High-efficiency DC twin-inverter compressor
  • Indoor unit capacity between 50 and 135% of the connected outdoor units
  • High EER for reduced energy consumption
  • High-lift design, greater location flexibility
  • State-of-the-art communication bus system with automatic configuration addressing
  • Advanced auto-diagnosis systems
  • Low noise level
  • Intelligent control and modulating values
  • Compatible with a wide range of control systems