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Fujitsu VRF Condensing Units

Fujitsu air conditioning offer a complete VRF portfolio including the J-IIS 2-Pipe Mini VRF.  These are available in three sizes (12.1kW, 14.0kW and 15.1kW) with up to 130% connected capacity and eight indoor units. This single fan, compact outdoor is optimised for part load performance and is ideal where outdoor space is at a premium. The J-II Mini is a twin fan version that can connect up to 9 indoor units.

System efficiency is guaranteed by using DC inverter compressor technology providing precise and effective speed control. The use of this DC control technology provides extremely high efficiency ratios in both cooling and heating mode. State of the art controls, including a new touch screen Panel LCD wired controller, allow individual or group operation with BMS interfacing options.

The V-II is the 2-pipe VRF offering nominal cooling up to 135kW, 150% connected capacity and 64 indoor units connected.

The Fujitsu VR-II 3-Pipe VRF systems is truly adaptable air conditioning technology. Outdoor unit capacities range from 22.4kW nominal cooling to 135kW with up to 150% connected capacity. This new Fujitsu VRF range combines performance and reliability with complete flexibility of design.