2&3 Pipe VRF Condensing Units

Introducing Toshiba’s super efficient air conditioning solution for mixed heating and cooling; SHRM-i, Super Heat Recovery Multi-i, & SMMSe and Super Modular Multi System. Building on proven technologies from the SMMSe, The SHRM-i delivers even greater comfort, energy efficiency and impeccable reliability.

Advanced 2 and 3-pipe technology enables heat recovery between indoor units, for unprecedented economy and performance.

Mini SMMSe 2-Pipe Heat Pump

The MiNi-SMMSe system has been developed to achieve the best performance in a wide variety of commercial applications including shops, offices and large apartments, where unobtrusive appearance and quiet operation are important.

  • Single phase power supply
  • Compact and lightweight outdoor unit
  • High-efficiency DC twin rotary compressor with ESEER > 10
  • Capacity range 12-15.5kW cooling and 12-18kW heating
  • Automatic addressing
  • Extended refrigerant piping capability
  • Operates up to 13 indoor units from a choice of over 80
  • Ultra-quiet, utilising remote PMV kit (option)

The extraordinary flexibility of this Toshiba system is guaranteed by the breadth of the range of SMMSe indoor units – up to 13 models with a combination of 81 units. To offer flexibility and maximum air distribution which enables the MiNi-SMMSe system to be easily installed for maximum performance.

SMMSe 2-Pipe Heat Pump

The 2-pipe (heating and cooling) VRF Super Modular Multi System e (SMMSe) operates with R410A refrigerant and incorporates the latest inverter technology in all outdoor unit models.

In addition, the innovative design incorporates two inverter driven compressors in every module. The capacities range from 14 to 135 kW in cooling mode and 16 to 150 kW in heating mode with a capability to serve up to 48 indoor units.

  • Modular design, light weight and compact from 8 to 60 hp, 22 to 168 kW
  • Utilises R410A none ozone depleting Refrigerant
  • High-efficiency DC twin-inverter compressor
  • Indoor unit capacity between 50 and 135% of the connected outdoor units
  • High EER for reduced energy consumption
  • High-lift design, greater location flexibility
  • State-of-the-art communication bus system with automatic configuration addressing
  • Advanced auto-diagnosis systems
  • Low noise level
  • Intelligent control and modulating values
  • Compatible with a wide range of control systems

SHRMi 3-Pipe Heat Recovery

Introducing SHRM-i, Super Heat Recovery Multi-i, Toshiba’s all-new super-efficient solution for mixed heating and cooling requirements.
Building upon the proven technologies of the SMMS-i, the SHRM-i delivers even greater comfort, energy efficiency and utmost reliability.

Advanced 3-pipe technology enables heat recovery between indoor units, for unprecedented economy and performance.

Flexible refrigerant flow

The flow selector unit can automatically shift the flow of refrigerant carried to the indoor unit, thereby switching between heating and cooling modes.

Recovered energy from one unit can be used to supply another unit on the same system.

Double refrigerant control

Flex-variable refrigerant flow control regulates aperture of the pulse motor valve and controls the cooling distribution control and heating distribution control.

More efficient heat recovery operation than individual heating and cooling only

SHRM-i achieves the highest energy efficiency when both heating and cooling are provided simultaneously, as recovered energy from one zone is reused in another.
Highest efficiencies are achieved when heating and cooling capacities are near equal.

World-class EER and COP at partial load

Adopting the new super-efficient DC twin-rotary compressors and advanced vector-controlled inverters realises a partial load COP of 5.63 and EER of 6.02 on the 8HP model.

Precision comfort

What truly makes the SHRM-i one of the most flexible solutions available is its ability to provide simultaneous heating and cooling.

Temperatures can be controlled and maintained precisely throughout the day. Room temperature is monitored and the air conditioning mode is switched to maintain the ideal temperature.

As a result, temperature fluctuations stay within just ±1.5°C.

Rotary compressor advantage

Unlike scroll compressors that have to initially exceed capacity in order to achieve target partial load, the rotary compressors can efficiently achieve the same target load with little energy loss.

SHRMi Flow Selector Boxes

The Toshiba SHRMi VRF flow selector unit allows our 3 pipe heat recovery systems to produce simultaneous heating and cooling in a single refrigerant circuit.


  • Small compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy access for service
  • Quiet operation
  • Flexible installation
  • NO separate power supply required
  • Communication and power supplied from the indoor unit
  • Connect up to 8 indoor units

These flow selector boxes are very small, extremely quiet and are simple to install even in positions where access is limited or difficult.