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THE RESIDENTIAL RANGEAir conditioning in residential applications plays a fundamental role for you in well-being. The choice of the most suitable system is one of the keys for obtaining maximised performance and optimised comfort. Air treatment, quietness and ease-of-installation of the indoor units make the residential Toshiba air conditioner range the ultimate you can desire for your own house, with guaranteed maximum energy savings.


Anyone who manages a commercial business, an office, a medical practice or any other business activity normally strives to obtain services and structures that offer the best return of your investment. With the new range of Digital Inverter air conditioners, Toshiba perfectly satisfies this requirement. With the advantages of vector IPDU inverter technology, Toshiba provides the market with the best options in terms of operating costs, maintenance and flexibility.


VRF technology allows extending the superior flexibility and precise control of typical split system air conditioning to the complex and wide-ranging installation requirements for large commercial and industrial buildings: hotels, hospitals etc. The VRF system, with its high efficiency levels, operating flexibility and reduced maintenance requirements guarantees the building manager in every situation the best solution.


The Toshiba air-to-air heat exchanger ventilation units can be integrated into the air conditioning system. They use exhaust air to precondition the incoming air, in order to significantly reduce the cooling or heating load placed on the air conditioning system. Integrating these units into your heating and ventilation system will reduce the overall size of the required air conditioning system.


An innovative and complete range of integrated controls for application in the Toshiba product line up ensures maximum comfort and excellent performance by perfectly matching the different requirements.

MEDIAToshiba and CDL work to ensure that our customers have the latest information and tools at their fingertips.  Here you can download brochures in pdf format, images and the excellent Toshiba VRF piping program along with many other valuable software.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSWe have collected a number of different scenario’s that we find are often requested.  As a convenience to our customers, we have shown these scenario’s together with their solutions in this section.