Toshiba excel in rethinking VRF efficiency

Toshiba Air Conditioning SMMSe Heat Pump VRF has won its third award, this time the RAC Cooling Award 2016 for “Air Conditioning Innovation of the Year”.

Judges felt Toshiba had excelled in rethinking what makes an efficient VRF system.  Rather than tweaking components, Toshiba overhauled the whole design, resulting in a package of innovations which allow it to achieve ESEERs of over 7 across the whole range.

These innovations include a new two stage rotary compressor, with 50 percent higher displacement than conventional models, redesign of the heat exchanger to provide 13 percent greater capacity and the ability to select part capacity where outdoor temperatures are lower and the need for cooling is less.

Toshiba is also proud of its “true continuous heating” during defrost, using hot gas bypass to defrost the outdoor coils while the indoor is still operating in heating mode.

Coming in the next few months is the launch of the SHRMe heat recovery that furthers the technology of the SMMSe heat pump and is already attracting attention for its flexibility, footprint and efficiency.

Toshiba SMMSe

Toshiba SMMSe

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