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Toshiba has a passion for innovation and constantly works to ensure that our air conditioners help protect the environment while delivering reassurance and reliability to users around the world.  Our environmental management system has earned ISO 14001 certification and leads the industry with 14 environmental awards, including the Ministry of International Trade and Industry Prize in Japan.  Toshiba has also received international praise for designing energy-efficient split and VRF products that operate on R410A Refrigerant.

All Toshiba systems are designed with emphasis on energy efficiency, reliability, aesthetics and ease of installation.


Whether at work or relaxing at home, air conditioning can make a big difference to your environment: getting the best out of the working day and enjoying to the full your home environment. And Fujitsu offers more choice than ever with floor standing, wall, ceiling or window-mounted, ceiling cassette, or discreet ducted split air conditioning systems that neatly fit in a ceiling or wall void. Engineering is at its highest level of reliability, on-board computer technology has enhanced performance output, and Fujitsu General leads the way in finished product design.



CIAT GROUP is a leading European manufacturer of a wide range of climate control products. Founded in 1934 they now supply to over 50 countries worldwide.  Following integration into United Technologies Corporation, CIAT UK operates alongside Toshiba Air Conditioning.  Together their vision is to be the UK’s No. 1 supplier of technologically innovative, energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly HVAC equipment, combined with a first class level of customer support.



Panasonic continually strives for excellence, is clearly focused on providing efficient, sustainable solutions and is recognised as one the most green global brands. The brand is synonymous with outstanding quality and this is reflected through the extensive range of heating and cooling product manufactures.

Globally, Panasonic has produced over 200 million compressors, has over 250 manufacturing facilities, filed more than 91,539 patents and over 30 years’ experience selling to over 120 countries worldwide. Panasonic is undoubtedly one of the leaders in the heating and cooling sector.


Aspen® Pumps incorporating BBJ Engineering continued success and achievements have been built by the hands on experience of installation engineers, making Aspen® Pumps the market leader in condensate removal. Aspen’s® primary focus is to continue to make the installers life easier by offering the most reliable condensate removal pumps in the world.

They now supply internationally to markets in over 100 countries worldwide spanning from Europe to the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, and the Far East all the way down to Australasia.



The United Kingdom has more manufacturers of condensate removal pumps than any other European country. It’s also the home base of one of the sector’s leading producers. But none of this has prevented the expansion of Sauermann on the UK market due to the extensive range of products the company offers, including mini-pumps, centrifugal pumps and peristaltic pumps.

Another characteristic of the UK market is an unusual equilibrium between the heating, refrigeration and A/C sectors – as compared to Spain where A/C prevails massively, or Germany, where sanitary and heating take the lead. In the UK, as in France, the distribution sector is relatively concentrated. Moreover, a characteristic of the UK market is that the installers greatly influence the choice of appliance. This in turn means that Sauermann needs to maintain close links with the installers by providing thorough technical and commercial assistance using a range of logistical and training tools.

By continuing its innovation policy and keeping up with market demands and trends, Sauermann UK Ltd can become of a key player on the UK A/C and heating market.