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Air Curtains AHU Heat Exchanger
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Air Curtain with DX Coil
Connected to the PACi or VRF SystemsThe Panasonic range of air curtains is designed for smooth operation
and efficient performance. Air curtains produce a continuous stream of air blown from the top to the bottom of an open doorway and create a barrier that people and products can flow across, but air can’t. Designed to improve energy efficiency, minimise heat loss from a building, and to allow retailers to keep doors open to encourage customers, our Air Curtains are suitable for connection to both PACi and VRF Systems.

Super-efficient with new EC fan motor (40% lower running costs compared to a
standard AC fan motor)
· Easy Cleaning and Servicing
· Can be connected to either Panasonic PACi or VRF systems
· Built-in drain for cooling operation
· Standard and Jet Flow air curtains can be controlled via Panasonic’s range of remote internet controls
The new standard and jet-flow models are ideal for connection to a PACi or ECOi system. With simple ‘plug and play’ installation, both are fitted with an EC fan motor for a smooth operation and efficient performance. This new fan guarantees 40% lower running cost than with a standard AC fan motor. With air curtains often running for 12 hours a day as a minimum, this can lead to considerable savings.



Air curtains can help reduce whole building heating or cooling costs by helping to stop heat escaping the building or keeping cooled air in. Panasonic offers two sizes
– 900mm and 1200mm electric air curtains. Ideal for separating areas and energy saving.

Air Curtain Datasheet



Air Handling Unit Kit 10-25 kW for PACi
New AHU Kit connects PACi outdoor units to Air Handling Units system
The Panasonic AHU Kits offer a wealth of connectivity possibilities so can be easily integrated into many systems.
Application: Hotels, offices, server rooms or all large buildings where air quality control such as humidity control and fresh air and is needed.

AHU Datasheet

Heat Recovery Ventilation


Energy Recovery Ventilator
Suppresses indoor temperature changes while providing fresh air Energy efficiency and ecology
Energy consumption is dramatically reduced by using a counter-flow heatexchange element. Air conditioning load is reduced by approximately 20%, resulting in significant energy savings.

Heat Exchanger Datasheet