Panasonic Remote Controls & BMS

Panasonic has developed the largest range of control systems to offer the best option to each need.
From the individual remote control for the residential single units up to the newest technology to control each your buildings around the world from an easy to use software in the cloud by your portable device.


Panasonic Smart Cloud

Take control of all your shops around the world from a single device.  Centralize control of your business premises, from wherever you are, 24/7 It doesn’t matter how many sites you have, or where they are! The new Cloud system from Panasonic allows you to have complete control of all your installations, from your smartphone or from your computer. In a simple click, all your units from several locations, receive status updates in realtime of all your installations, preventing breakdowns and optimizing costs.

Smart Cloud Datasheet


Remote controller with Econavi
Easy to use, attractive, clear design, with new demand control functions and energy consumption display! This useful feature makes this remote control unique!

The new CZ-RTC5 wired remote control is ideal for integration into the most demanding interior architectures.
The touch panel features a very sleek and easy to use display, which with its compact display is only 120mm x 120mm x 16mm.
Display of information
The information is mainly based on pictograms to ensure easy understanding.
The minimal amount of text is available in 4 languages (English / German / French / Spanish / Italian).
The screen is back lit to enable reading even during the night.
Easy Access to the menus
With the new pictograms, the navigation, the selection and the settings are simple and easy to follow.
Key Functions
· Easy setup of the timer and settings of the indoor unit
· Energy consumption display (only available with PACi units with the reference ending with A)
· Limitation of the energy consumption (Demand control) by timer.

Controller Datasheet



Econavi Sensor
The all new Econavi Sensor detects presence in the room, and quietly adapts the PACi or VRF air conditioning system in order to improve comfort and maximise energy savings.

· Detects human activity and adjusts temperature by 2 degrees (up or down) to optimize comfort and efficiency
· If there is no activity detected for a set time, the Econavi will stop the unit or move to a new temperature previously set
· The Econavi device is installed independently of the indoor unit, and is located in the area best suited for detection
Saving Energy for Offices: if the air conditioning is left on after the last employee leaves the office, Econavi will automatically react, reducing or stopping the system.
Increased comfort in hotel rooms: when presence is detected in the room, the temperature is automatically adjusted to achieve best comfort.
Econavi function
· Analyses room activity: Human activities and human heat
· Modifies the capacity to adapt in real-time to the needs of the room
Key points
· Compatible with Cassette, Wall Mounted, Hide Away and Ceiling · Sensor · Improves efficiency · Better Comfort · Can be installed in the best place of the room for detection purposes.

Econavi Sensor Datasheet



Control for hotel application
Nice, easy and cost effective!
Panasonic has developed an innovative line up of remote controls specially designed for applications:
· Easy to install
· Cost effective installation as all electrical cable are centralized on this remote
· Architect inspired attractive design
· Direct connection to the Indoor unit with most of the functions of the indoor unit
· 3 options available: Stand-Alone, Modbus or LonWorks communication
· 2 frame colours: White and aluminium
From this remote control: The lighting, card contact, motion detector, window contact and
the air conditioning are controlled.
Energy saving functions included on the device: · Turns Off air conditioning and lighting
when room is unoccupied · Disables air conditioning when window is open · Maximum/
minimum setpoint temperature configurable
Easy remote control: The hotel customer will have access to limited functions to control the air conditioning:
ON/OFF, Temperature (under a certain limit fixed during the start up) and Fan speed
Easy set up: Stand-Alone model with easy configuration menu to access all parameters. The installation is simplified as all the cables should arrive to the remote control. A pre-define scenario can be uploaded on the remote control connected to a computer to make installation on site plug and play (only on the Modbus and LonWorks models).

Hotel Control Datasheet


海外 制御機器1014

Datasheet for individual control systems

Datasheet for central control systems