Panasonic Aquarea Air to Water



Aquarea’s new Air to Water Heat Pump for residential and commercial applications
Offering capacities from 3kW all the way through to 16kW, the Aquarea Heat Pump Range is the widest on the market, ensuring a
system is available, whatever your heating and cooling needs. Suitable for new build and refurbishment projects, the systems are
cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Download Aquarea Accessories Datasheet


Panasonic’s Aquarea range of heat pumps deliver major energy savings thanks to its incredible efficiency even at -20°C
Aquarea is part of a new generation of heating systems that use a renewable, free energy source (the air) to heat or cool the home and to produce hot water:
· Extremely high efficiency (COP of 5.08 for new 5kW Mono-Bloc unit)
· Line up developed for low consumption homes (starting at 3kW)
· T-CAP solution is ideal for cold areas, as it maintains the nominal capacity up to -15 °C
· Easy to control with your smart phone (using an optional interface)
· Large range of efficient tanks for domestic hot water storage
The Panasonic Aquarea Heat Pumps are designed and produced by Panasonic and not by other companies.



Download the Aquarea G Mono Bloc High Temperature Datasheet
Download the Aquarea High Performance Bi Bloc Datasheet
Download the Aquarea High Performance Mono Bloc Datasheet
Download the Aquarea High Temperature Bi Bloc Datasheet
Download the Aquarea G Mono Bloc Datasheet


New Aquarea T-CAP
For extremely low temperatures. Install A class water pump: Industry top class energy-saving!
The whole T-CAP line-up can replace old gas or oil boilers, and in a new application with under floor heating, low temperature radiators or even fan-coil heaters. This range can also be connected to a solar kit in order to increase efficiency and minimize the impact on the ecosystem. Finally, it is possible to connect a thermostat for even better heating or cooling control and management.
· T-CAP stands for Total Capacity. This line-up is able to maintain the same nominal capacity even at
-15 °C without the help of an electrical booster heater.
· High heating capacity even at low ambient temperatures.
· Maintains capacity of 16 kW until -15 °C outdoor temperature. Adding many new functions: Auto mode, Holiday mode, power consumption display.


The New T-CAP range has extended with the addition of the 16kW pump
The new 16kW maintains full capacity of 16kW even at outdoor temperatures down to -15 °C.
The 16kW fits perfectly to retrofit houses, as well as to commercial applications to heat and cool the applications and also to provide sanitary hot water.

Download the datasheet for the T-Cap Aquarea G Mono-bloc
Download the datasheet for the mono-bloc T-Cap
Download the datasheet for the T-Cap Bi-Bloc

Aquarea commercial
Solutions for best savings
Efficient Panasonic heat pumps can help to significantly reduce the energy consumption of your business. Recent improvements to air source heat pump technology, including compact single unit systems, can provide an ideal housing and commercial solution. They offer space saving, energyefficient heating and can be easily adapted for installation in flats, houses and commercial premises. And for businesses producing heat, such as restaurants, installing an Aquarea heat pump system can
also use this wasted heat to improve energy efficiency further.


New Aquarea All in One
Hydromodule + 200l tank. From 3 to 16 kW.
Aquarea All in One is the new generation of Panasonic Heat Pumps for Heating, Cooling and Domestic Hot Water (DHW). This new range intelligently integrates the best Hydrokit technology with a premium quality stainless steel tank, which also comes with a 10 year warranty. In this way, Panasonic combines the finest product design with performance to achieve a market-leading COP.
This highly efficient solution is quick and easy to install. Thanks to piping being factory-fitted, savings of 50% are possible on installation time. Piping connections are intelligently sited on bottom of the unit further simplifying installation. All in One is also a space saving solution, perfect to install in the kitchen due to its stylish design. Furthermore, Panasonic has developed a range of controllers which allows the control of 2 heating zones, bivalent and cascade systems.

Download the datasheet for the All in One Bi-Bloc
Download the datasheet for the All in One T-Cap Bi-Bloc

Control & connectivity
Aware of the importance of both control and connectivity in offering the best comfort at the lowest price, Panasonic offers its customers cuttingedge technology, specially designed to ensure our Aquarea heat pump systems deliver maximum performance. You can properly manage the heat pump and perform comprehensive monitoring and control, with all of the features the remote control provides at home, from anywhere in the world thanks to the internet applications Panasonic has created for you.


Download Aquarea Accessories Datasheet