Estia Air to Water Heat Pumps

Here at CDL we recognise that the increase of CO and other green house gases is a key concern. Following the European commitment of reducing 20% of the emissions by 2020, energy waste from residential space heating and domestic hot water have been identified as possible reduction targets.

Air-to-water heat pumps are considered as renewable energy technology and are preferred to heating systems that are dependent on fossil fuel or non ecient electrical heating. Toshiba Estia air to water heat pump systems are now considered as an ideal solution for space heating and domestic hot water.

Residential heat production by means of gas, oil or electricity contribute to raised CO emission levels in the atmosphere. Traditional heating systems are less energy ecient and suffer from increased energy running costs.

Toshiba Estía air to water heat pumps are the ideal solution to increase energy eciency (COP), using air as a main source of energy. This is an all in one system designed to deliver the right temperature for space heating, for domestic sanitary hot water and with the additional advantage of oering air conditioning in the warmer seasons.

Air to Water Heat Pump System

This range of outdoor units has been designed to provide a high Capacity output from a very small foot print.

  • Allows connection of two, three or four indoor units of the same type
  • Indoor units are in the same room, operate together and have a single remote controller (ALL in the same MODE)
  • Ideal for larger shops and retail premises
  • Outdoor unit 400V, 3 phase supply
  • High efficiency twin rotary inverter compressor
  • Space-saving small footprint
  • Lightweight and easy to install Toshiba R22 and R407c ‘Replace Technology’
  • All digital inverter TCC-Link controls available

Powered by Toshiba’s twin rotary compressor technology along with our inverter technology, these systems offer exceptionally high efficiency levels, long pipe runs and great flexibility for installation.

Ideal for large open spaces such as hotels foyers, restaurants, bars, gyms and retail premises.