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Toshiba Standard Remote RBC-AMS55E

The RBC-AMS55E is the new local remote controller with a built in 7-Day Timer-featuring a new multi-language LCD display with backlight, Energy Saving Options and a Return back function.


Key Features

  • Possibility to set and display the room name to easily set-up and monitor the working parameters.
  • New Modern and desirable controller design with menu driven display.
  • Save mode by schedule timer to optimize energy consumption.
  • Room temperature display always available.
  • Two “Hot Keys” (F1, F2) for easy operation of air conditioner functions.
  • Easy to read layout including display of Indoor Unit Model Name and serial number.
  • New temperature display that can show the Indoor Unit settings in increments of 0.5°C.
  • Built-in backup power. Settings are kept in memories up to 48 hours in case of power failure.
  • Remote TA sensor available in controller.
  • Can be connected to a single Indoor Unit or a group of up to 8 Indoor Units.