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Fujitsu VRF Indoor Units

This new Fujitsu air conditioning VRF range combines performance and reliability with complete flexibility of design.  System efficiency is guaranteed by using DC inverter compressor technology providing precise and effective speed control.   The use of this DC control technology provides extremely high efficiency ratios in both cooling and heating mode.

These VRF indoor units feature state of the art controls, including a new touch screen Panel LCD wired controller which allows individual or group operation with BMS interfacing options.  This new technology is matched to individually designed indoor fan coil units with product types suitable for a vast array of installations.  70 different models are available for connections to each of the VRF outdoor types.

Fujitsu VRF indoor unit key features:

  • Combine performance and reliability with flexible design
  • Guaranteed system efficiency
  • DC inverter compressor technology
  • Precise and effective speed control
  • State of the art controls
  • Touch screen LCD panel