CDL Supporting CEO Sleepout

On the 24 March, four CDL staff (Darrel, Chris, Pamela, and Richard) took part in the CEO Sleepout in Newcastle. We know all too well the devastating impact homelessness has on our communities, so it is something close to all our hearts.

Imagine if you had no home, no food, and nowhere you felt safe. That’s the nightmare facing thousands who have been pulled into poverty or made homeless since the start of the pandemic.

That’s why we wanted to do something about it. On 24 March, we gave up our beds for one night to sleep outside at St. James’ Park – each of us uniting to fight homelessness.

We know our experience doesn’t begin to touch on the reality of homelessness, but raising awareness and even the benefit of our own education on the subject made this more than worthwhile.  We were genuinely blown away by the support we received, right up to and including the night (special mention to the Seagulls who serenaded us throughout the night).  The whole event raised a hugely significant sum of £83,600 and of that, the CDL contribution was £9K.  Monies raised on the evening benefit local charities including Changing Lives & Newcastle United Foundation

Why is it so important?

Recent studies show the shocking truth about homelessness in England:

  • Over 250,000 people in England are homeless and in temporary accommodation
  • Over 61% of adults in England living in temporary accommodation are women
  • Single parents make up 72% of all homeless families living in temporary accommodation, but only 24% of families
  • 1 in 23 black households become homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless, compared to 1 in 83 households from all other ethnicities
  • 24% of young homeless people in the UK are LGBT+
  • More than half (55%) of people who make a homeless application are aged between 16 and 34