ASHP High Pressure Trip – A CDL Titbit

Compressors are very generous things. They take cold refrigerant gas – squish it like mad – then give heat away. The fact is though, the heat must go. It must be dumped otherwise the compressor will `cook`.  If the compressor can’t `dump` the heat (via the `magic` latent heat of condensation) at the condenser – it self-protects via HP cutout and stops.

In an ASHP that heat must be `dumped` or `released` into the water.

The water takes the heat away from the compressor at the condenser – water returning at 57oC for example – absorbs the compressor heat, then out again at 65oC – magnificent. A balance. A beautiful thing. `Moving Heat by Magic`
This is entirely balanced on a balanced water flow.

Should the pump fail, the strainer be `clogged’ or the system pressurisation isn’t correct, or indeed any other inhibiting water flow issues, the ASHP will self-protect and `go out on HP` resulting in NO HOT WATER
HP is a MANUAL reset.

Keep the refrigeration circuit balanced (`Get the heat away`) by keeping the waterflow/balanced.