Buildings Need to Settle

This offering from Andy B offers us a brief focus at something that can fair flummox a fair-minded sort.


With the best will in the world, the `comfort air conditioning designer` can`t always foresee the building `settling in`,  nor the user acceptance levels beforehand.

With fixed grille selection yet adjustable fan speeds, gradients across an open floor or simply the difference in occupants’ acceptance levels (He`s too hot, she`s too cold or vice versa) we may not please all the people, all the time.


Occasionally though we get a disparity.

Equipment in the ceiling void, perhaps sensing and controlling at the return air grille, doesn’t read exactly what’s at desk level. We could have a difference, an oddity.

The BMS may instruct the VRF to run at 22oC, and it does with aplomb. However, for whatever reason, this may not be met at the desk level, perhaps at 19oC. May feel a little chilly.



Fear not, for there is a solution.

The clever types at Toshiba have recognised this and built into the remote controller (by way of programable DIN codes) an offset.

What a thing to behold.

Adjust this offset (say by 3oC) , the VRF unit adapts and reads (22oC – 3oC = 19oC) at the unit, and adjusts to 3oC higher at the unit, bringing the desk height temperature up by 3oC


A building needs to settle