Andy’s Technical Titbit

This issue`s titbit looks at `reusing all that lovely server/comms heat`

Heat Recovery 3 pipe VRF is a marvel. During cooling, it recovers and redistributes all the lovely heat energy. We could therefore use that heat, rejected by servers/comms equipment, and reuse it.

On a school project we completed recently, we used the heat from more than one server/comms room and linked to some small offices and 2 no door curtains.

The efficient design would steer us away from putting separate split systems in comms rooms just to throw heat to the atmosphere – then generate heat separately for nearby offices or door curtains. Seems rather odd.

Even the 2.2kW high wall, matched to the largest Toshiba 3 Pipe systems can operate 24hours, on its own, with the rest of the office areas switched off on time clock. During the daytime hours, with the office areas running, the server heat is re-used rather than rejected/wasted to the atmosphere. Marvelous.