Andy’s Technical Titbit – SuperDuperDeSuperHeater

The revolution is afoot, and as the rise of the machines is upon us, we seek ways to heat water that would have been unlikely but a few months ago.

There is a new responsibility upon us. When utilising air-cooled chillers for cooling, what do we do with all that lovely heat. Often we`ve been throwing it to the birds, giving the sparrows a treat.

Whilst de-superheater technology has been around for some time, unloved and neglected as scruffy gas has reigned supreme, there has been a small revolution within the larger revolution.
Those clever elves at CIAT now have a SuperDuperDeSuperHeater that can recover up to 100% of the heat energy absorbed whilst cooling, and not only that, can deliver it, up to 65oC.

Tough on the Sparrows you may say, relax pray, they’ll be fine.

Imagine, you need the chiller – but now you have `free heat` too. Marvelous.

Of course, it works best with constant cooling loads from 30-100%, but hot-diggedy what a thing to behold.
The below image is basic, but the idea is there.

Busy, testing, industry-changing, and amazing times at CDL. Thank you from all of us for your support.