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Toshiba win ACR Product of the Year

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

Toshiba has been awarded the National ACR Product of the Year for the new SMMS-e VRF System.

Toshiba SMMSe

Toshiba SMMSe

Developments in three core technologies – the compressor, heat exchanger and advanced intelligent control – combine to ensure all outdoor units in the new SMMS-E VRF range have an ESEER (European Seasonally Adjusted Energy Efficiency Rating} higher than 7, an industry first.

Wear surfaces on compression vanes are treated with a high-tech Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating, giving outstanding hardness,wear resistance and reliability. This enables significant increase in compressor rotation speed, resulting in a higher displacement volume. Up to 50 per cent great than previous generations.

The heat exchanger has been completely redesigned, which results in a 13 percent increase in surface area available for heat transfer.It provides continuous heating with no requirement to stop during defrost. This is made possible by the use of a new hot-gas bypass control.

A new approach to intelligent operation gives occupants improved comfort, energy efficiency an reliability by using the independent Pulse Motor Valves (PMV’s) to control the flow of refrigerant to each indoor unit.

Wireless commissioning allows performance data and status reports to be automatically emailed to end users or engineers.  Pipe work and connectivity has been increased,  giving double the previous allowable length.

Finally,as a result of the new compressors design and improved system controls, the operating temperature range has been significantly extended, and is now -5 to 46°C for cooling operation and -25 °C in heating mode.

The new Toshiba SMMS-e VRF is now available from Cool Designs Ltd

Focus on: Fujitsu J-IIS Mini VRF (2-Pipe)

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

It’s easy for this little diamond to go under the radar,  given it has a height of less than 1M.  The Fujitsu Air Conditioning J-IIS Mini VRF is becoming a very popular option for applications where space is restricted or the height of the condensing unit it paramount.

Fujitsu Air Conditioning J-IIS Outdoor

The single fan VRF can connect up to 8 fan coil units with up to 130% connected capacity and has a quiet operation of as low as 51dB(A) (4HP model).  Despite it’s small size, it certainly isn’t small in operation.  Comprising of full DC inverter control, a DC twin rotary compressor, a three row large heat exchanger and DC fan motor.

Not forgetting the engineer either, the outdoor has been designed for easy maintenance.  It has a 7 segment LED showing operation status, addressing & pressures hosted with a removable PCB panel for ease of access.

There is a full range of easy-to-use controllers available, from wireless remote controls to a PC-based control software. The installation can also be linked to a building management system. The touch panel LCD wired controller has a large clear screen for ease of use and allows service engineers to interrogate indoor and outdoor units to diagnose the system.

The Fujitsu Air Conditioning J-IIS Mini VRF is available from Cool Designs Ltd.

Toshiba Touch Screen Controller

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

Toshiba Air Conditioning have launched a new flagship touch screen controller.   We have had a touch screen in the family of control for many years, but the latest model brings us right up to date using the latest technology.  It connects to the TCC network making is available for Toshiba Digital Inverter split systems and the SHRMi Heat Recovery VRF and SMMSi Heat Pump VRF.

Toshiba Touch Screen

The new 7in colour touchscreen offers unprecedented power and ease of use, enabling engineers and end users to control systems and optimise performance and indoor comfort.

With the ability to control up to 64 indoor units via a unique capacitive touchscreen, the new Toshiba controller marks a departure from conventional air conditioning controls.

It has a brilliantly clear colour display with pin-sharp graphical interface, providing lightning response to the operator’s touch commands.  Toshiba’s new controller is based on an intuitive touchscreen with icons, similar to a large smart phone.  The system offers a host of powerful functions that extend it’s use, with future developments.

The central controller is available this summer from Cool Designs Ltd.

New Toshiba PMV-less VRF High Wall

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

Cool Designs are pleased to announce the launch of the new Toshiba Air Conditioning High Wall 3 & 4 Series “PMV-Less” to complement the existing VRF Indoor Unit line-up. With the increased demand in the Hotel market, the addition of the PMV-less High Wall models offer an ideal solution where low noise levels are essential allowing the PMV kit to be installed outside of the conditioned space to provide whisper quiet indoor operation.  The new models can be used with the current range of Mini-SMMS, SMMSi Heat Pump VRF and SHRMi Heat Recovery VRF.

The model line up is as follows:
High-wall 3 series3 Series (Dimensions H320 x W1050 x D228 mm)
MMK-AP0073HP-E1 2.2kW
MMK-AP0093HP-E1 2.8kW
MMK-AP0123HP-E1 3.6kW
MMK-AP0153HP-E1 4.5kW
MMK-AP0183HP-E1 5.6kW
MMK-AP0243HP-E1 7.1kW

4 Series (Dimensions H275 x W790 x D208 mm)
MMK-AP0074MHP-E1 2.2Kw
MMK-AP0094MHP-E1 2.8Kw
MMK-AP0124MHP-E1 3.6Kw

RBM-PMV0363E 2.2-3.6kW
RBM-PMV0903E 4.5-7.1kW


CDL Training Update

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

We are pleased to announce an update on available Toshiba air conditioning training courses from CDL.

The Modules we are now running are :

Module 1 – Sales introduction to Toshiba products (half day)
Module 2 – Full course on Digital Inverter and residential products (full day)
Module 3 – Full course on VRF products with basic controls (full day)
Module 4 – Control options, selection and installation
Module 5 – Part 1 – Air to Water design and application (half day)
Module 6 – Part 2 – Air to Water Installation & Commissioning (half day)

In addition to these core modules we can also offer bespoke sessions.

Delegates attending these courses will receive electronic copies of the presentation material, course notes, technical manuals, (Installation, Owners and Service for the current range of Toshiba equipment), a certificate of achievement / personal identification card, refreshments and lunch – all free of charge.

We are also planning some refresher / top up courses for those of you already familiar with our products.

Current Dates Available – Sunderland

  • Toshiba Module 2— Split Systems  17th October
  • Toshiba Module 3— VRF Systems 14th November
  • Toshiba Module 5 – Air to Water Systems Design and Application 12th December
  • Toshiba Module 2—Split Systems 23rd January 2013
  • Toshiba Module 3—VRF Systems 20th February 2013

Current Dates Available – Warrington

  • Toshiba Module 2— Split Systems  3rd October
  • Toshiba Module 3— VRF Systems 31st October
  • Toshiba Module 5 – Air to Water Systems Design and Application 28th November
  • Toshiba Module 2—Split Systems 9th January 2013
  • Toshiba Module 3—VRF Systems 6th February 2013

To make a booking or for further information please contact us on Tel: 0844 800 0250 or via email:

Toshiba SMMSi Launch Road Show

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Toshiba Air Conditioning have announced dates of their European road show to introduce their new groundbreaking VRF    technology.  Some of the features we know of include increased pipe runs and flexibility, COP’s of up to 4.68 and redesigned condensing units that include 3 inverter compressors and a reduced footprint.

You can come along to one of these roadshows and view this and many other products or we will be assisting Toshiba at the roadshow to present a number of seminars throughout the day.  Contact us for more information and an invite to your local seminar.

The dates and venues are as follows :

  • 8th November – Leatherhead, Toshiba Carrier Head Office
  • 9th November – London, The Britt Oval
  • 10th November – Hatfield, Hatfield House
  • 11th November – Reading, Madejski Stadium
  • 12th November – Bristol, Gloucestershire County Cricket Ground
  • 15th November – Glasgow, Hampden Park
  • 16th November – Newcastle, St James’ Park
  • 17th November – Leeds, Weetwood Hall Hotel
  • 18th November – Manchester, Lancashire County Cricket Club
  • 19th November – Birmingham, National Motorcycle Museum

New Toshiba SMMSi

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

2010 Sees the introduction of the next in the series of  Toshiba VRF.  The first product due is the new range of Heat Pump VRF condensing units later this year.  Little known about exactly what breakthrough’s Toshiba have accomplished but we have found that that these systems will include three inverter compressors.  Toshiba made an industry first by making their current VRF fully inverter with each module including two inverter compressors with the ability to isolate each individual compressor if needed.  More on this as we hear it!

Toshiba SMMSi known features

  • Three Twin Rotary Inverter Compressors