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New Toshiba PMV-less VRF High Wall

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

Cool Designs are pleased to announce the launch of the new Toshiba Air Conditioning High Wall 3 & 4 Series “PMV-Less” to complement the existing VRF Indoor Unit line-up. With the increased demand in the Hotel market, the addition of the PMV-less High Wall models offer an ideal solution where low noise levels are essential allowing the PMV kit to be installed outside of the conditioned space to provide whisper quiet indoor operation.  The new models can be used with the current range of Mini-SMMS, SMMSi Heat Pump VRF and SHRMi Heat Recovery VRF.

The model line up is as follows:
High-wall 3 series3 Series (Dimensions H320 x W1050 x D228 mm)
MMK-AP0073HP-E1 2.2kW
MMK-AP0093HP-E1 2.8kW
MMK-AP0123HP-E1 3.6kW
MMK-AP0153HP-E1 4.5kW
MMK-AP0183HP-E1 5.6kW
MMK-AP0243HP-E1 7.1kW

4 Series (Dimensions H275 x W790 x D208 mm)
MMK-AP0074MHP-E1 2.2Kw
MMK-AP0094MHP-E1 2.8Kw
MMK-AP0124MHP-E1 3.6Kw

RBM-PMV0363E 2.2-3.6kW
RBM-PMV0903E 4.5-7.1kW


Toshiba Air Conditioning – brought to you by Cool Designs Ltd.

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

Toshiba Air Conditioning – brought to you by Cool Designs Ltd.

We became a distributor of Toshiba Air Conditioning in 2004, shortly after Cool Designs Ltd was established. Toshiba Air Conditioning products are considered to be a world leading in the industry and are respected for their consistent delivery of high standards, quality and innovation. Here at CDL we recognise Toshiba’s passion and expertise in the development of market leading air conditioning products suitable for residential and commercial applications.

As with all of our partners, Toshiba Air Conditioning has efficiency and the environment at the heart of their work. Toshiba works hard to ensure that their air conditioners help protect the environment while delivering reassurance and reliability to users around the world. Their environmental management system has earned ISO 14001 certification and leads the industry with 14 environmental awards, including the Ministry of International Trade and Industry Prize in Japan.  Additionally, Toshiba Air Conditioning has received international praise for designing energy-efficient split and VRF products that operate on R410A Air Conditioning Refrigerant.

In 2012 Toshiba Air Conditioning achieved a carbon neutral status for its UK business following an intensive programme of carbon reduction and certified carbon offsetting with The Carbon Neutral Company, the leading verification and certification body in the field, and is now officially recognised as being a CarbonNeutral® division of TCUK – just as we are, here at Cool Designs Ltd.

As specialists in air conditioning, we recommend Toshiba Air conditioning systems for their energy efficiency, reliability, aesthetics and ease of installation. In addition to Toshiba we have now also grown to become distributors of Carrier & Hitecsa chilled water products, Fujitsu, Panasonic and a selected range of accessories from Sauermann, Aspen, BBJ and Little Giant Pump House.

For more information about our range of products and for further help or advice contact us on 0191 549 6964. Don’t forget to follow us on twitter and to like our facebook page to keep up to date with the latest industry news and services available for you.