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Toshiba 7 Year Warranty & updated Rewards scheme

Monday, February 15th, 2016

Toshiba Air Conditioning have reworked their warranty scheme so once again set new standards in the industry.

Traditionally, manufacturers award warranty term based on the annual spend of the contractor or end user.  Rather than take this commercial view, Toshiba has now linked their warranty term not to turnover, but to workmanship.

Toshiba T7 Enhanced Warranty

The standard off the shelf warranty for Toshiba Air Conditioning is now the T5, 5 years parts & labour allowance (no minimum spend).  Then by completing a set 3 training courses at any of our hands on training locations Glasgow, Sunderland or Warrington plus Toshiba’s own Leatherhead facility, this warranty is lifted up to T7 – 7 years, again with no minimum spend.

This means now that all contractors, no matter the business size, can benefit from a 7 year warranty.

The top tier in the scheme is the T7e, 7 Year Enhanced Warranty.  By completing the training & submitting commissioning and maintenance data, the warranty is 7 years but with an enhanced labour allowance.  Contact Cool Designs for further detail or see our library documents section (general info drop down) for more information.

Following on from this, Toshiba have updated their rewards scheme.  The additions scheme has now ended and is replaced with the updated Toshiba Rewards Scheme.


Register for the new scheme and accrue points on all Toshiba Purchases from Cool Designs (conditions apply).  These points can then be redeemed for Toshiba products, on site tools, Love2shop cards and travel vouchers or marketing activity.  See our website library for more information.

Fujitsu add 10kW Wall Mount

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

Fujitsu are proud to announce the arrival and immediate availability of a new nominal 10kW wall mounted split system – ASYG36LMTA / AOYG36LMTA. This new system sits above the current ASYG24LF (7kW) and ASYG30LF (8kW) systems with a nominal cooling / heating capacity of 9.4 / 10.1kW respectively.

Fujitsu 10kW Wall Mount

Fujitsu 10kW Wall Mount

Features of the new system
– Compact indoor unit dimensions 340 x 1,150 x 280mm (H x W x D) weight 18kg.
– Compact single fan outdoor unit 830 x 900 x 330mm (H x W x D) weight 61kg.
– Low ambient cooling and heating operation down to -15°c.
– Wireless remote control with 7 day timer as standard.
– Human sensor for additional energy savings – can be disabled.
– 10°c Heat function.
– 50m pipe run.
– Optional wired remote controllers (2-wire Touch Screen, 2-wire LCD, 3-Wire LCD High Grade & Simple – accessory communication kit required for connection).
– Server Room control function with optional Run and Standby control facility for control of two systems when installed in the same room (wireless remote control only). This is a special server room function setting on the wireless remote and additional parts (UTY-XWNX 3-wire connector) are required for connecting the two indoor units together to operate as run / standby.
– Sensible cooling capacity @23°cdb/16°cwb room and 30°c ambient = 6.63kW

Being on the ball with Cahonas

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Cahonas Scotland is Scotland’s Male Cancer Awareness Charity committed to raising awareness of Male Cancers (Testicular Cancer, Prostate Cancer & Male Breast Cancer).  They exist to educate Scotland in matters relating to male cancers, reducing discrimination and stigma from the cancer experience & the aim to bring real positive change in Male Cancer Awareness

Cahonas Scotland

Cool Designs Ltd have supported Cahonas Scotland since its inception and the relevance of it in what is the largely male dominated industry we are in.  It was therefore extremely pleasing to receive this message from them:

“I just wanted to send you this message that has been sent to the Cahonas Scotland Facebook page from someone recently diagnosed with Testicular Cancer (attached). 

Thank you for your support and everything you have done to help  – you and all our other supporters help has made this early diagnosis happen.  The awareness raised with the help from your sponsorship and donations has enabled us continue to do the work we can to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of Testicular Cancer, the importance of Self Checks and ultimately the early detection for this young man.

Early detection is key in the battle against this horrible disease and with your support you have helped this young man.

From all at Cahonas Scotland.  Thank you so, so much.”

The message from the person read as follows :

“I’m 30 years old and was diagnosed with testicular cancer in February this year.  I just want to say thanks to Cahonas and the message they shout about self checks.

I, thanks to the information given, from Cahonas Scotland had the knowledge and technique to check my balls properly and detected my cancer early.

If you have just happened upon this page or you have came because you are scared there might be something wrong, then use the power of knowledge that Cahonas Scotland can give and get yourself to the doctors as soon as possible.

I had my orchindectomy and now only need two cycles of chemo because early detection is crucial.

Thank you Cahonas Scotland for spreading this word as loud as you can.

From me and my family”

Fabulous stuff and you can imagine how pleasing it is to reach such a message and know that the support everyone gives goes a very long way indeed.

You can learn more about the Cahonas Scotland charity here :

ACR Awards 2015

Friday, February 27th, 2015

Come around quickly don’t they! Another fantastic evening at this years ACR News Awards at the Brewery in London.  Jimmy Carr was this years popular host and can be seen below presenting our own Simon Bradley as winners of the 2015 ACR News Distributor of the Year.  This recognition is a fantastic testament to the work we’re doing here at Cool Designs as innovation, training & responsible growth remain at the forefront of what we do.

We have many plan’s as we continue to look forward and certainly wont be resting, although perhaps after last night there may be some resting needed!

Simon Bradley of Cool Designs received award

Simon Bradley of Cool Designs received award

New Toshiba RAS Multi-Split Inverter Outdoor Units

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

Ras Multi Condensing Unit


Cool Designs Ltd are pleased to announce the launch of the new Toshiba Air Conditioning RAS Multi-split Inverter Heat Pump Outdoor Units with improved energy efficiency which are fully compliant with ErPLot10 and feature a field selectable DIP switch to enable Heating Only operation.

The heat pump condensing units are available from Cool Designs in Q1 2015 and can operate in cooling from -10 to 46’C and in heating from -15 to 24’C.

The model line up is as follows :

9kW (heating) RAS-3M26S3AV-E 3 -Way Multi
9kW (heating) RAS-4M27S3AV-E3 4-Way Multi
12kW (heating) RAS-5M34S3AV-E 5-Way Multi

Each of these has a dimension of H890 x W900 x D320mm.

The energy efficiency of these new models is excellent as you would expect with A++ in cooling and A+ in heating.

New Toshiba PMV-less VRF High Wall

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

Cool Designs are pleased to announce the launch of the new Toshiba Air Conditioning High Wall 3 & 4 Series “PMV-Less” to complement the existing VRF Indoor Unit line-up. With the increased demand in the Hotel market, the addition of the PMV-less High Wall models offer an ideal solution where low noise levels are essential allowing the PMV kit to be installed outside of the conditioned space to provide whisper quiet indoor operation.  The new models can be used with the current range of Mini-SMMS, SMMSi Heat Pump VRF and SHRMi Heat Recovery VRF.

The model line up is as follows:
High-wall 3 series3 Series (Dimensions H320 x W1050 x D228 mm)
MMK-AP0073HP-E1 2.2kW
MMK-AP0093HP-E1 2.8kW
MMK-AP0123HP-E1 3.6kW
MMK-AP0153HP-E1 4.5kW
MMK-AP0183HP-E1 5.6kW
MMK-AP0243HP-E1 7.1kW

4 Series (Dimensions H275 x W790 x D208 mm)
MMK-AP0074MHP-E1 2.2Kw
MMK-AP0094MHP-E1 2.8Kw
MMK-AP0124MHP-E1 3.6Kw

RBM-PMV0363E 2.2-3.6kW
RBM-PMV0903E 4.5-7.1kW


Cool Designs iPad Air 2 Offer

Friday, November 7th, 2014



10 Year Landmark

Friday, January 24th, 2014

We’re delighted that a number of industry online news sources have ran with our 10 year anniversary with Toshiba.  This is an important landmark to us with one of our major suppliers and a partnership that has helped shape us in to the business we are today.


UK: Air conditioning distributor Cool Designs Ltd has revealed ambitious plans to expand  after celebrating 10 years as a Toshiba distributor.

Celia Dickinson of Toshiba Air Conditioning presents CDL’s Darrel Birkett with an award to mark 10 years as a Toshiba distributor

Celia Dickinson of Toshiba Air Conditioning presents CDL’s Darrel Birkett with an award to mark 10 years as a Toshiba distributor

With its headquarters in Sunderland, the company also has offices in Warrington, Glasgow and the most recently opened addition in Cannock, Staffs.

Future plans include the creation of a third training centre in Glasgow and a roll-out this year of Toshiba’s expanded training programme covering the fundamentals of air conditioning, design, installation and commissioning.

It will be taking on additional staff to help support expansion, including the appointment of an additional project engineer. There are also plans to expand its recently launched website, to further improve the provision of technical and product information to customers.

“It has always been our intention to grow responsibly,” explained md Darrel Birkett. “This means delivering on our commitments on training and the environment and ensuring, as far as possible, that we only supply bona fide installers who will do a good job and act responsibly. Our emphasis on training is designed to achieve the same thing, by ensuring installations are carried out to the highest standards.”

New Toshiba SMMSi

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

2010 Sees the introduction of the next in the series of  Toshiba VRF.  The first product due is the new range of Heat Pump VRF condensing units later this year.  Little known about exactly what breakthrough’s Toshiba have accomplished but we have found that that these systems will include three inverter compressors.  Toshiba made an industry first by making their current VRF fully inverter with each module including two inverter compressors with the ability to isolate each individual compressor if needed.  More on this as we hear it!

Toshiba SMMSi known features

  • Three Twin Rotary Inverter Compressors

Toshiba Bi-Flow Console

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Now available from Toshiba the Bi-Flow console unit.  Available in three sizes at 2.5kW, 3.5kW and 5.0kW the Bi-Flow utilises the latest digital hybrid inverter technology.  The front panel includes a child safety lock and the system gives an auto diagnostic function.  The system use three dedicated condensing units enabling runs of up to 20M.

Of course from Toshiba you would expect energy efficiency to be a prime issue and this model does not disappoint with a COP of up to 4.27 and EER of 4.2.  The main feature of the unit though is it’s Bi-Flow supply providing improved air distribution.

The Bi-Flow system is also able to connect to the Toshiba RAS Multi Condensing units.

Please contact Cool Designs Ltd for further information.