Welcome to our library, a free online resource for air conditioning engineers to access a wide range of Toshiba air conditioning and Fujitsu air conditioning manuals, product specifications and instruction videos.

Here at CDL our philosophy is to provide the industry with efficient engineering solutions for air conditioning projects of all sizes. The CDL library offers a wealth of information with specifications and instructions in the form of PDF specification sheets, wiring diagrams, images and instructional videos.

For Toshiba Air Conditioning systems, you will find useful resources for Toshiba Inverters, Toshiba heat pumps and Toshiba VRF units as well as Toshiba CAD drawings. For Fujitsu Air Conditioning systems you will find Fujitsu inverters, Fujitsu heat pumps and Fujitsu VRF units.

Product Brochures

Single Sheet Literature

Toshiba OEMs

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Toshiba Controls

Pocket Guides

Toshiba Air Conditioning Controls Handbook

CDL Pocket Quick Reference Guide – Toshiba RBC-AMT32 / AMS41

CDL Pocket Quick Reference Guide – Toshiba RBC-AMS51/54E

CDL Pocket Guide for the Toshiba RBC-FDP3-AHU

CDL Pocket Guide for the Toshiba RBC-FDP3-Modbus-AHU

CDL Pocket Guide for the Toshiba RBC-RASNC Controller

CDL Pocket Guide for the Toshiba single fan Mini VRF

Data Sheets

CDL Single Data Sheet – RBC-AMS41E
CDL Single Data Sheet – RBC-AMT32E
CDL Single Data Sheet – RBC-AMS54E
CDL Single Data Sheet – BMS-CM1280TLE
CDL Single Data Sheet – BMS-SM1280ETLE
CDL Single Data Sheet – RBC-AS41E
CDL Single Data Sheet – TCB-CC163TLE2
CDL Single Data Sheet – TCB-EXS21TLE
CDL Single Data Sheet – TCB-SC642TLE

Installation Manuals

Remote Controls

RBC-AMT32E Standard Wired Remote
RBC-AMS41E Wired Remote with Scheduler
RBC-AS41E Simplified Remote
RBC-AMS51E Back Lit Wired Remote
RBC-AX32UWS Cassette Infra Red Remote
BMS-CM1280TLE Compliant Manager
BMS-SM1280ETLE Smart Manager
NRC-01HE Heat Exchanger Controller
TCB-CC163TLE On/Off controller
TCB-EXS21TLE Schedule Timer
TCB-SC642TLE Central Controller
TCS Net Touch Screen
RBC-TBPTC Touch Screen Controller Installation


Interface Modules

TCB-PCM04 Master on off
TCB-PCNT30TLE VRF Control link
RBC-SMCN61 On Off Control
RBC-SMCN61L On off control with lock
RBC-SMF1 Fan Interface
RBC-SMIM4 Indicator
RBC-SMTI Timer Interface
RBC-VNL1 Heat Exchanger External Control


RBC-TSI1 Toshiba Versitile Interface


Operating Manuals

Remote Controls

BMS-CM1280TFTLE Compliant Manager
BMS-SM1280ETLE Smart Manager
RBC-AMS41E Wired Remote with Scheduler
RBC-AMS51E Back lit wired remote
RBC-AS41E Simplified Controller
RBC-AX22CE Infra red Remote
RBC-AX32UW Cassette Infra Red Remote
TCB-CC163TLE On off controller
TCB-EXS21TLE Schedule Timer
TCB-SC642TLE Central Controller
TCS Net Touch Screen






Product Bulletins & General Information

Technical Documents

Toshiba Solution Sheets

Wiring Diagrams

Instruction Videos

Toshiba Remote Controls: RBC-AMS41E / AMT32E

Video 1 – Set multiple Indoors from an SHRM/SHRMi Flow Box
Video 2 – Set indoor unit type
Video 3 – Set outdoor unit capacity
Video 4 – Set outdoor unit system number
Video 5 – Set indoor unit system number
Video 6 – Set indoor unit group status
Video 7 – Reset addressing to factory settings
Video 8 – Set minimum temperature in cooling mode
Video 9 – Set maximum temperature in heating mode
Video 10 -
Video 11 – Enable auto restart
Video 12 – Set return air sensor location
Video 13 – Air flow correction for high ceilings
Video 14 – How to disable louvre swing
Video 15 -Access Historical fault code data
Video 16 – Access historical data
Video 17 – Disable the heating option
Video 18 – (AMS41 Only) Setting the Time & Day
Video 19 – (AMS41 Only) Setting on & off scheduled times
Video 20 – (AMS41 Only) Copy Schedule from one day to other days
Video 21 -(AMS41 Only) Setting scheduled operations with mode & temperature functionality

Toshiba Remote Control: RBC-AMS51E

Video 22 – How to enable auto restart
Video 23 – How to set the indoor model type
Video 24 – How to set the network address
Video 25 – How to set the outdoor system number
Video 26 – How to set the indoor system number
Video 27 – How to set the group master/slave.
Video 28 – Setting up multiple indoors from one VRF Flow Box
Video 29 – Access operational data
Video 30 – Access or clear alarm data

Toshiba VRF

Video 31 – Auto Addressing from a VRF outdoor
Video 32 – Clearing the system addressing via a VRF outdoor
Video 33 – Bit Setting to isolate compressor circuit
ideo 34 – Setting SMMSI Mode Priority Setting
Video 35 – SMMSi/SHRMi Address clearing and re-addressing via outdoor
Video 36 – VRF Displaying compressor operating current
Video 37 – VRF Data retrieval from the VRF Outdoor
Video 38 – VRF Sensor Data Retrieval
Video 39 – VRF Test mode operation

Toshiba Touch Screen: RBC-TBPTS

Video 50 – Controlling a Zone
Video 51 – Global On/Off
Video 52 – Energy Saving Options
Video 53 – Group Operation
Video 54 – Daily Group Scheduling
Video 55 – Weekly Group Scheduling
Video 56 – Annual Group Scheduling

Fujitsu Remote Controls: UTYRNNYM Wired Controller

Video 100 – Setting on/off Timers
Video 101 – Setting the temperature sensing location
Video 102 – Setting the temperature set back
Video 103 – Setting the weekly timer
Video 104 – Setting the date and time

Fujitsu Remote Controls: UTY-RVNYM LCD Wired Controller

Video 110 – Setting On Timer Settings
Video 111 – Setting off timer settings
Video 112 – Weekly timer settings
Video 113 – Date and time settings
Video 114 – Remote Control Sensor settings
Video 115 – Room Temperature Display settings


Product Images & CAD Drawings/Icons

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