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Training Update

Thursday, February 25th, 2016

High demand leads to additional training days

We have updated our training schedule (brochure found here) due to an increase in training demand this year.

With the introduction of the new Toshiba Warranty in 2016 and the ease in which contractors can benefit from a 7 year warranty, we have added additional dates and venues.  The updated schedule can be found within the training brochure found in the link above.

As a reminder, training with Cool Designs is free of charge with refreshments provided on the day.  They are held at our hands on Glasgow, Sunderland and Warrington offices and can also be held at the Toshiba offices in Leatherhead (for Toshiba training) and Fujitsu offices (for Fujitsu training).

Toshiba Air Conditioning expand Estia Air to Water to include high temperature option

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Toshiba Air Conditioning have released High Temperature Estia Powerful Series 4 air to water inverter heat pumps.

These are capable of providing hot water to a maximum of 60’C in heat pump mode.  Fitted with an improved outdoor heat exchanger, new pressure sensor and enhanced software protocol delivering increased compressor frequency, the new High Temp Estia Powerful produces outstanding performance with COP up to 4.88 at standard conditions.

Toshiba Air Conditioning hands on Estia training is available from Cool Designs Ltd.

Time to think about Air Conditioning Training

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

CDL launches air conditioning training blitz to get installers and end users up-to-speed

 Air Conditioning Training

Following the success of our online video-based training, we’re launching a comprehensive programme of classroom-based courses for air conditioning engineers, consultants and end users.

We believe a combination of practical, hands-on courses supported by a library of professional online videos is the most powerful way of training the next generation and ensuring existing installers are up-to-speed with the latest technology.

We are rolling-out a full programme of training at three locations across the UK – Glasgow, Sunderland and Warrington. We will also run courses at Toshiba’s air conditioning training centre in Leatherhead, Surrey.

Practical and theoretical courses will cover everything from designing and commissioning advanced heat recovery VRF systems, to fault diagnosis, F-Gas compliance and system optimisation.

It will also include training in the installation and use of Toshiba’s total refrigerant management and protection system, designed to provide complete reassurance for end users. The system has recently been adopted by a global hotel chain, and is being being rolled out across its estate.

Darrel Birkett, managing director of CDL, says: “Rapid developments in air conditioning technology, particularly in the area of control and monitoring, require constant refreshers to ensure installers and designers remain up-to-speed.

“It is not enough to go on an ‘air conditioning course’ once and expect to be equipped for life, as may have happened in the past. We believe training needs to be life-long, so that people understand how to apply the advanced features of today’s systems as they are introduced, in order to operate them safely and efficiently.”

He added: “The combination of hands-on classroom training using working equipment, backed by permanently accessible online instructional videos, provides a compelling package. Videos can be accessed by engineers at any time, at the point of need via a smart-phone; we know from feedback that installers use them as a real-time reference for problem solving, rather than wading through conventional manuals.”

We offer all training courses without charge to installers signing up for Toshiba’s Additions scheme or Fujitsu’s Comfort Club.

For more details, or to request a full list of courses, please contact CDL on Tel 0191 549 6964, or email

CDL Training Update

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

We are pleased to announce an update on available Toshiba air conditioning training courses from CDL.

The Modules we are now running are :

Module 1 – Sales introduction to Toshiba products (half day)
Module 2 – Full course on Digital Inverter and residential products (full day)
Module 3 – Full course on VRF products with basic controls (full day)
Module 4 – Control options, selection and installation
Module 5 – Part 1 – Air to Water design and application (half day)
Module 6 – Part 2 – Air to Water Installation & Commissioning (half day)

In addition to these core modules we can also offer bespoke sessions.

Delegates attending these courses will receive electronic copies of the presentation material, course notes, technical manuals, (Installation, Owners and Service for the current range of Toshiba equipment), a certificate of achievement / personal identification card, refreshments and lunch – all free of charge.

We are also planning some refresher / top up courses for those of you already familiar with our products.

Current Dates Available – Sunderland

  • Toshiba Module 2— Split Systems  17th October
  • Toshiba Module 3— VRF Systems 14th November
  • Toshiba Module 5 – Air to Water Systems Design and Application 12th December
  • Toshiba Module 2—Split Systems 23rd January 2013
  • Toshiba Module 3—VRF Systems 20th February 2013

Current Dates Available – Warrington

  • Toshiba Module 2— Split Systems  3rd October
  • Toshiba Module 3— VRF Systems 31st October
  • Toshiba Module 5 – Air to Water Systems Design and Application 28th November
  • Toshiba Module 2—Split Systems 9th January 2013
  • Toshiba Module 3—VRF Systems 6th February 2013

To make a booking or for further information please contact us on Tel: 0844 800 0250 or via email:

Cool Designs Launch New Training Centre

Monday, June 21st, 2010

In the past we have offered annual training sessions at our warrington office.  Within our new office location in Warrington, we have now opened our new Training Centre.  We will soon be continuing our training sessions as follows :

  • Installation, commissioning & Fault Finding of Toshiba VRF
  • Installation, commissioning & Fault Finding of Toshiba Split Systems
  • Installation, commissioning & Fault Finding of Toshiba Air to Water Heat Pumps
  • Overview of the Toshiba product range and the application of VRF
  • We can also offer the following Cibse CPD’s

    • The Application of Part L2
    • F-Gas & Toshiba
    • Application of SEER and COP for VRF Systems
    • VRF Compressor Technology
    • Design and Application of Air Cooled VRF Systems
    • BMS Controls

    If you have any training requirements, either from those listed or on a similar theme we would be happy to receive your enquiry. Please contact your local Cool Designs office or representative.