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New Toshiba SMMSi

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

2010 Sees the introduction of the next in the series of  Toshiba VRF.  The first product due is the new range of Heat Pump VRF condensing units later this year.  Little known about exactly what breakthrough’s Toshiba have accomplished but we have found that that these systems will include three inverter compressors.  Toshiba made an industry first by making their current VRF fully inverter with each module including two inverter compressors with the ability to isolate each individual compressor if needed.  More on this as we hear it!

Toshiba SMMSi known features

  • Three Twin Rotary Inverter Compressors

Toshiba Bi-Flow Console

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Now available from Toshiba the Bi-Flow console unit.  Available in three sizes at 2.5kW, 3.5kW and 5.0kW the Bi-Flow utilises the latest digital hybrid inverter technology.  The front panel includes a child safety lock and the system gives an auto diagnostic function.  The system use three dedicated condensing units enabling runs of up to 20M.

Of course from Toshiba you would expect energy efficiency to be a prime issue and this model does not disappoint with a COP of up to 4.27 and EER of 4.2.  The main feature of the unit though is it’s Bi-Flow supply providing improved air distribution.

The Bi-Flow system is also able to connect to the Toshiba RAS Multi Condensing units.

Please contact Cool Designs Ltd for further information.

The Sunshine Fund

Monday, June 21st, 2010

The Sunshine Fund is Cool Designs Ltd chosen charity.  The work that the fund supports is simply breath taking as we can only encourage people to look at their website for more details.  This year we are looking to align ourselves more to the fund, with many events that we host being in conjunction with them.

In addition to this, in May 2009 team members from CDL undertook a coast to coast walk along Hadrians Wall over five days.  Managing Director, Darrel Birkett of CDL as well as doing this walk, also ran the Great North Run 2009.  He is collected sponsorship for doing both of these for The Sunshine Fund.  More details on this can be found at

For more information on the Sunshine Fund, please visit

Cool Designs 2010 Toshiba Price List

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Version 10.1 Retail Price Guide, 2010 Toshiba prices is now available. If you have not received our new price schedule please request your copy today! We have completely redesigned the price list following months of research talking to our customers. This now comes in a handy A5 size and is also available in electronic format.

Cool Designs – Toshiba Fan Interface

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Each newsletter we aim to add details on commonly asked technical questions.  This post we are looking at how to control air to air heat exchangers in a basic format. If the requirement is for the HEX to operate when an indoor unit was turned on, then this is controlled by using the RBC-SMFI accessory. External switches can be used to operate fan speed and damper.

Wiring Example :

Connecting to Heat Exchanger:
Toshiba RBC-SMFI Connection

To Indoor Unit :
Toshiba RBC-SMFI Connecting to indoor

Toshiba AHU Interface for DI Condensing Units

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Air Handling Unit applications with DX heating and cooling are easily dealt with utilising the Toshiba range of powerful yet highly efficient Digital Inverter and Super Digital Inverter outdoor units.

With no additional valves or mechanical components required the installation is made very simple indeed. The new RBC-AHU1 controller is easy to install and very simple to use with a variety of options and add-ons also available.

The package connects to all of the SDI/DI family giving us up to 27kW in cooling capacity. These are available now. Please contact us for further details.

Cool Designs Supporting Local Charities

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Over the past two years we have began to work closely with two fantastic local charities. The work these two organisations do is second to none and we are very proud to be associated with them. Throughout 2010 Cool Designs will once again be supporting events organised by the two charities.

North East – The Evening Chronicle Sunshine Fund

The Evening Chronicle Sunshine Fund endeavours to enhance the lives of disabled children in the north east, and help everyone associated with the child. There are hundreds of parents with disabled children in the North East.

They understand that it can cost thousands of pounds to adapt a home and purchase adequate transport and equipment for a disabled child, and that the local authority has very limited funding. The Sunshine Fund is there to provide that much needed equipment

North West – All Stars / Wingate Centre

The Wingate Centre is a registered charity whose prime objective is to work with people of all ages with disabilities. It is also the policy of the Centre to promote integration in all of its work.

The work of the Centre is two – fold :

Firstly, the Wingate Centre offers

Educational Residential and Holiday facilities.

In 2010 they have completed the redecoration and refurbishment  of the ground floor of the centre to follow on from the 2008 refurbishment of the first floor. – this completes their programme of renewal to bring them up to the high standard they know people expect.

Being based in a rural part of South Cheshire makes us an ideal holiday location with many interesting places to visit in the area. The excellent accommodation is specifically designed and equipped for disabled and special needs groups. Mainstream groups are also most welcome.
Accommodation comprises nine wheelchair accessible ground floor twin bedrooms with hand basins, with a full range of disabled bathrooms, shower rooms, toilets and sluice room. There is also a lounge/ TV room and games room. Further accommodation and facilities including two further lounges are available on the first floor which  has 2 lifts for access, and can cater for up to thirty guests.

Secondly, the Wingate Centre

has a ‘GymMark’ accredited gymnasium one of the first 100 in the UK to reach this level of professionalism.

It provides gymnastic and trampoline training for recreation and competition to all ages and levels of disability and ability. Their superb 7,000 square foot gymnasium offers classes for both mainstream and disabled people with a policy of integration whenever possible.
They can cater for all from the severely disabled who use gymnastics as therapy to those competing at National level.

Cool Designs support this charity alongside the All Stars Charity team who work tirelessly to organise various events throughout the year. Typically these are football matches against ex-football stars from the likes of Liverpool.

Please do contact us to find out more information about the charities or to find out when the next event is being held.

Cool Designs Expand Technical Services

Monday, June 21st, 2010

We are pleased to be able to confirm that we have expanded our technical support by now offering quick response site services. These may be utilised for anything from commissioning services to warranty assistance.

We have always been able to act swiftly to any technical query, backed up by the Toshiba 24-7 support phone line.  However, while this is still in place, we now have our own in house dedicated commissioning/service engineer.  This enables us to react even quicker as well as offering our customers closer on hand support.

For further information of these services, please contact your local Cool Designs representative or office.

Cool Designs Launch New Training Centre

Monday, June 21st, 2010

In the past we have offered annual training sessions at our warrington office.  Within our new office location in Warrington, we have now opened our new Training Centre.  We will soon be continuing our training sessions as follows :

  • Installation, commissioning & Fault Finding of Toshiba VRF
  • Installation, commissioning & Fault Finding of Toshiba Split Systems
  • Installation, commissioning & Fault Finding of Toshiba Air to Water Heat Pumps
  • Overview of the Toshiba product range and the application of VRF
  • We can also offer the following Cibse CPD’s

    • The Application of Part L2
    • F-Gas & Toshiba
    • Application of SEER and COP for VRF Systems
    • VRF Compressor Technology
    • Design and Application of Air Cooled VRF Systems
    • BMS Controls

    If you have any training requirements, either from those listed or on a similar theme we would be happy to receive your enquiry. Please contact your local Cool Designs office or representative.

    Toshiba Launch Estia Air to Water Heat Pump System

    Monday, June 21st, 2010

    Toshiba has long term experience of successes in air to air heat pump production. The same reliable award winning technology is at the core of the new air to water heat pumps. Above all the advanced inverter technology and the DC twin rotary compressor. Estia heat pumps operate with the reliable and safe R410A refrigerant.

    The high efficiency plate heat exchanger receives the optimum quantity of refrigerant to produce hot water at low or medium temperature (20-55’C), or cold water (10-20’C). A back-up heater (3,6 or 9kW) futher supports the operation for extreme conditions. The hydro unit integrates the advanced control of water temperature to allow an optimized distribution to emitters and to the domestic hot water tank.

    The Estia tank is a compact stainless steel insulated tank producing domestic hot water for sanitary use. The performance of the overall system is also maximised thanks to the integrated coaxial heat exchanger which uses hot water produced by the heat pump (whenever energy efficient and possible). With the optimised control logic, whenever additional hot water is needed, an internal electric heater is activated. This solution reduces running cost and guarantees a constant level of hot water temperature. Three storage capacities (150, 210 or 300 litres) meet any household requirements.

    The system includes a weekly timer that controls the distribution of hot water up to 2 zones and to the hot water tank. The built in software logic collects the signals from the sensors, regulates the water temperature and optimizes the systems energy consumption. In addition the anti-bacteria control routinely increases the temperature in the domestic hot water tank. The easy to use remote control is conveniently attached to the hydronic unit. With its large and detailed display it is possible to visualize and set all the major operating parameters and also program the weekly timer.

    The Toshiba Estia has a COP of up to 4.66.