Toshiba R32 Mini VRF

Cool Designs & Toshiba are pleased to announce the new R32 VRF MINI-SMMS 4.0 – 6.0HP Outdoor units for Europe have been added to the VRF product range and are available now.

This new product uses R32 refrigerant and may require the following safety devices under certain installation conditions. Please refer to the installation manuals and selection software for more details, or contact CDL for design assistance:

SV Unit / Shut-Off Valve Unit  –  RBM-SV1121HUPE / RBM-SV1801HUPE

Battery Kit – TCB-BT1UPE

Leak Detector  –  TCB-LD1UPE


• Reduced chassis size compared to current 2 fan models
• Reduced gas pipe size for the 6HP model (19.1mm > 15.9mm)
• Uses low GWP R32 refrigerant and has a reduced refrigerant charge compared to current model.
• A 58% reduction in system refrigerant charge
• A total equivalent CO2 reduction of 81% by system refrigerant
• SEER up to 9.98
• SCOP up to 5.21
• Furthest piping 150m (equivalent length)
• Main pipe 80m