Rugby Competition – R22 Data Collection

Toshiba is a strong supporter of environmental protection, with industry-leading efficient technology and a pioneer in achieving Carbon Neutral status for our UK business.
In keeping with our green credentials, Toshiba would like to collect market data on the number and type of R22 systems still operational throughout the UK and Ireland. To this end, we are inviting feedback from customers, end users, consultants, indeed everyone who has an interest in the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (‘HVAC’) industry.
To encourage as much feedback as possible, Toshiba is offering the chance to win tickets for the 2015 Rugby World Cup games (‘RWC’) to anyone providing the requested information and answering the qualifying questions.

There will be three official ticket selections, one on the last working day in January, then again in February and March. The lucky winners will each receive two tickets for one of the World Cup games during 2015.

Selection Dates  30th January 2015  27th February 2015  31st March 2015

Do I qualify? The competition is open to all who provide the information and can answer the qualifying question(s). You could be anyone with knowledge of the HVAC industry and have the right to provide the information on behalf of any third party.

Can I enter more than once? Yes, you are entitled to enter as many times as you would like. As long as you provide the required information (please note: any entries with information missing will not be entered into the competition). Entries received before the first selection will only be entered into that selection ; again the second selection will be for all entries not received whilst the first selection is open and received before selection two is made etc.

Entry Expectations TCUK expects that customers supplying the information is of a factual nature and must be accurate. We would expect that the person completing the form and providing the information has the authority to do so and that they are happy for us to use this information internally and to contact any organisations named on the competition forms.

What will Toshiba use this information for? Toshiba will use this information to gain a greater understanding of how much equipment utilising R22 equipment is still being used within the UK market. We will also use the information to establish the types of systems still operating and the capacity range of these systems which may help Toshiba to build a strategy to assist with the changeover of the equipment at the appropriate time.

Can Toshiba Air Conditioning help me Plan my Replacement of R22 Equipment? Yes. Toshiba have an excellent range of energy efficient systems which could help you to significantly reduce power consumption that, in some cases, can be as much as 65%. The Toshiba range of systems can also be used in conjunction with existing infra-structure such as re-using the copper pipework etc. to help reduce installation costs when appropriate.

The Toshiba R22 replacement system offers innovative technology which allows a system to produce the maximum capacity available even when re-using old R22 copper pipe that are cleansed of R22 refrigerants (Please note that R22 pipes tend to be one size larger than R410a sized pipe). Therefore a Toshiba 10kW system will still give 10kW of cooling or heating, whereas other manufacturers could reduce the available capacity by up to 15% due to reduced refrigerant velocity.

Toshiba also provide a finance scheme, where equipment can be purchased, installed and also maintained within one agreement for a period of up to 7 years, meaning total peace of mind that you will not receive any unexpected bills for that period. In most cases the reduction in running costs can be higher than the monthly finance costs, meaning that the new units can be self-financing.
Toshiba also provides an easy to use software programme which is available for download from the business lounge area of our website and a Toshiba sales person would be more than happy to meet and discuss options with you.

When will I be Informed If I have won? You will be notified using the contact details provided within three working days of the official selection.

Can I choose the game I will attend? Unfortunately not. Each winner will be entitled to two tickets for a RWC 2015 game, but the allocation of tickets will not be announced until four weeks before the game at the latest. However, we will try to provide this information as soon as we are able to do so.

Can tickets won be sold or transferred? No tickets provided by Toshiba can be sold or transferred. It is against the RWC 2015 terms and conditions to do this and should tickets be sold, then the RWC 2015 have the ability to cancel the tickets As part of entering this competition you are confirming that you will comply fully with both Toshiba and the RWC 2015 Ticket terms and conditions. Full details of the RWC Ticket terms can be provided upon request.

Entry Form

Please open this link to download the entry form.  Entries to be emailed to or posted to Toshiba Air Conditioning, Guildford Road, Leatherhead. Surrey. KT22 9UT.