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Toshiba TCB-PCU2E Application Control Kit

TCB-PCUC2E Application Control Kit enables Signal Output, External Digital Input, External Analog Input


Use with

  • Ceiling Type – (RAV-SM***7CTP*, RAV-SM***8CTP*, RAV-RM***1CTP*, MMC-AP***7HP*, MMC-AP***8HP*)
  • Compact Cassette type – (RAV-SM***7MUT* RAV-RM***1MUT*, MMU-AP***7H*)
  • Floor Standing Type – (RAV-RM***1FT*, MMF-AP***6H*)
  • 4-Way Smart Cassette Type – (RAV-GM***1UT*)
  • Ducted High Static Pressure Type – (MMD-AP0726HP*, AP0966HP*, RAV-SM2244DTP*, SM2804DTP*)
  • Air to Air Heat Exchanger – (VN-M***HE1)