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Toshiba RBC-MTSC1 / MTSC2 Mini Touch Screen Controller

The all-new RBC-MTSC1 colour smart touch wall-mounted controller is a capacitive icon-based touchscreen that is very intuitive, easy to use and very simple to install. The smart touch controller uses the same 2 wire format used for our standard controllers and no external power supply is needed to operate the device. This means this all-new modern and stylish touchscreen controller can be installed onto any new or existing systems to provide a higher level of user comfort and experience.

The MTSC2 controller has all of the features and benefits of the first series but now also includes a schedule timer function.


Key Features

  • Large capacitive display.
  • Configurable display icons; mode, fan; Up & Down, On/Off.
  • Up to 30 different wallpaper pictures for corporate display, messaging or advertising.
  • Use wallpapers for screensavers, timeouts or wake ups.
  • Integrated USB for fast upload of images
  • RGB colour sliders to transform and match corporate environments.
  • Compact sleek design (HxWxD) 47 x 141 x 15 mm.
  • Available in Black (cost optional colours Graphite, White, Beige –  Contact us for availability).
  • Set DN codes.
  • Set central addresses.
  • Leak detection warning symbols to complement the current Toshiba solution.
  • Text inputs for instructions example “Error” “contact reception tel: 1234”.
  • Use CN61 connection to set back for energy saving for un-occupied space.