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CIAT Space Gas


Packaged, self-contained roof top unit intended for air conditioning and heating large surface areas. It is designed for outdoor rooftop installation on the premises to be heated or cooled.


  • Packaged units,
  • Painted polyester casing,
  • Self-supporting painted frame,
  • 1 air circuit,
  • 2 refrigerant circuits, 2 Scroll-type compressors, refrigerant R410A,
  • Single G4 filter or double G4 + F6 to F9 filter
  • 2 internal centrifugal fans
  • 2 to 4 outdoor propeller fans with speed variation selection (EC motor)
  • Condensate pan or stainless steel pan protection
  • Base with adjustable angle,
  • Heating heat pump and/or gas burner
  • Integrated high quality gas burner with air cooled condenser and with power inverter (30 to 100%), efficiency up to 105%PCI, anti-stratification control, KIWA certification
  • Complete electric cabinet, AVANT PRO electronic control,
  • DEGIPACK defrosting management
  • Several options

Range of Use:

Heating capacity between 62.2 and 143.4 kW

Cooling capacity between 58.9 and 135.5 kW

Air flow rates: 47 to 197 m3/h