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CIAT BOSS Supervision Monitoring


It offers advanced monitoring and maintenance functions, and allows zones and groups to be created to simplify management of the installation. It integrates an installation plan and the list of machines.

Full navigation of the system is possible from mobile devices, from commissioning to daily access for system maintenance.

It features built-in Wi-Fi to create a network, enabling the supervisor to gain access from end users’ devices with no need for any other network infrastructure.

It can be used to manage the following controls:

  • CIATrtc/AVANT/AVANT+/CIATpool: CAREL or ModBus protocol
  • Vectic: ModBus protocol
  • Other equipment (please contact us): ModBus protocol


The CIAT BOSS MONITORING system (pre-installed on a built-in PC) is the ideal solution for managing and monitoring large-scale air-conditioning installations. It can be used to manage installations with up to 300 units (with a maximum total of 3500 variables).