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Air handling unit designed for large volumes of air (50,000 m³/h to 130,000 m³/h) at pressures reaching 2,600 Pa and even 3,600 Pa. Designed in particular for industrial facilities (processes, cleanrooms, makeup air) or for precise air handling control in commercial spaces (precise comfort) in order to meet mixing, filtration, heating, cooling, dehumidification, humidification, ventilation, recovery and sound attenuation needs. Available as a horizontal unit for indoor installation or outdoor installation with canopy and protective accessories


  • Free-standing design, double-skin construction with 50 mm mineral wool insulation, modular
  • Attractive look, painted, with access doors as standard
  • External surface made of galvanised steel with RAL 7024 (graphite grey) finish
  • Boxes assembled to ensure smooth internal and external walls
  • All the filters are in international dimensions and fit inside frames. They are inserted and removed from the front via an access door. If front access is not possible, only the pre-filters (95% gravimetric) may be inserted on runners through the side
  • The coils may be one-piece (along the entire width of the unit) or made of two offset pieces in the direction of the air flow. In the latter case, one of the coils may be tilted. If so, it should only be tilted along half the width of the unit. Four fin geometries. Copper, steel or stainless steel tubes. Fins available in aluminium, coated aluminium or copper
  • Gas burner with shutter, face plate, electrical panel and fittings, technical compartment, direct combustion in air stream (no exchanger) and fresh air only operation
  • The selection may be optimised with two or three solutions: one or two fans, two or three impeller diameters, four possible discharge directions, frame, motor bracket, belt idler, protective housing, flexible sleeves, anti-vibration mounts
  • Adiabatic cell or steam humidifier, air washers (90% efficiency)
  • Standard or sealed dampers
  • Options: door contact, proximity switch, keyed lock, etc.
  • Sound attenuator of various lengths placed upstream or downstream of ventilation section
  • Usually delivered as factory-assembled boxes. May also be delivered flat-packed for on-site assembly with CIAT’s assistance


Available in 10 sizes with  Two types of front section available to accommodate means of transport (in overland or maritime container) and site constraints.

Range of Use:

Air flow rates of 50,000 to 130,000 m³/h