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CIAT Air Compact Heat Recovery Units

This air handling unit is particularly well suited to the air conditioning of separate zones. It features high static pressure and requires low ceiling heights. The range features a wide array of housings and accessories. Available in horizontal or vertical configurations for indoor installation.


The AIR COMPACT air handling unit is a modular ventilation unit, which can be configured to meet all your requirements whilst complying with current standards. It is available in several versions: single-flow, aligned dualflow, adjacent dual-flow. The AIR COMPACT AHU is used for fresh air change, air recirculation, air extraction and air handling using its filtration, heating, cooling, recovery and ventilation functions.


The range is composed of 3 sizes (thickness: 400 mm).

Available pressure from 100 to 1000 Pa with high performance and minimum sound level

The widths of the 3 sizes of Air Compact 25, 40, 60 are 750 mm, 1310 mm and 1880 mm.

Optimised performance thanks to the control system Range of use : Air flow rate : up to 6 000 m3/h