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Carrier XCT7

What is Carrier XCT7?

The new XCT7, Variable (X) Comfort Technology, is the 7th generation of our VRF system that proudly represents Carrier’s world leading innovation, technology and unyielding commitment to energy saving.
Carrying forth the legacy that shaped the climate control industry, Carrier’s VRF systems have always delivered optimal comfort and performance that can be scaled to meet climate control needs, all the way from a small
single-family residence to a commercial high-rise building. We’re determined to make global impacts again with the XCT7 – a VRF system that provides unmatchable advantages of high reliability, peak performance, enhanced
efficiency, longer lifespan, optimal user experience and easy operation.

Why Choose Carrier VRF?

Your choice of VRF system makes a difference. When you invest in Carrier VRF, you create a system that delivers on the promise of comfort, performance and reliability – the backbone of Carrier confidence.

Ultimate Reliability
Reliability is at the heart of XCT7 conception which brings customers a total peace of mind.
• Outdoor condenser with advanced black-coated fin technology for enhanced corrosion resistance
• Reduced liquid shock failure rate thanks to the anti-liquid shock technology of the compressor

Enhanced System Performance
The enhanced system efficiency relies on the combination of the following advanced features:
• Improved refrigerant distribution balance thanks to the centrifugal oil separator
• Smooth supply of lubricant with 10-stage oil return technology which protects the compressor and the system

Carrier VRF achieves high-efficiency in cooling and heating by utilizing:
• High-efficient DC fan • Advanced DC compressor

Large Operating Range
XCT7 units deliver comfort solutions for any indoor space, anytime of the year.