New Toshiba RAS Multi-Split Inverter Outdoor Units

Ras Multi Condensing Unit


Cool Designs Ltd are pleased to announce the launch of the new Toshiba Air Conditioning RAS Multi-split Inverter Heat Pump Outdoor Units with improved energy efficiency which are fully compliant with ErPLot10 and feature a field selectable DIP switch to enable Heating Only operation.

The heat pump condensing units are available from Cool Designs in Q1 2015 and can operate in cooling from -10 to 46’C and in heating from -15 to 24’C.

The model line up is as follows :

9kW (heating) RAS-3M26S3AV-E 3 -Way Multi
9kW (heating) RAS-4M27S3AV-E3 4-Way Multi
12kW (heating) RAS-5M34S3AV-E 5-Way Multi

Each of these has a dimension of H890 x W900 x D320mm.

The energy efficiency of these new models is excellent as you would expect with A++ in cooling and A+ in heating.