Digital Inverter Floor Standing Indoor Unit

We’re pleased to confirm the release of the new updated floor standing Digital Inverter model range from Toshiba (available later this year).  The indoors are suitable with Digital and Super Digital Condensing Units on R32 as single, twin, triple and quad configurations.

Toshiba Digital Inverter Floor Standing

1. Features

  • Connectable to both R32 and R410A SDI/DI outdoor units for Light Commercial.
  • With refrigerant leakage sensor for R32 refrigerant only. Operable for seven years when “check code” will be displayed on
    the remote control to confirm end of life replacement.
  • Sensor performance guaranteed for 7 years.
  • Remote controller RBC-AMS55E-ES inbuilt into indoor cabinet.

2. Line Up

  • 2HP RAV-RM561FT-ES
  • 3HP RAV-RM801FT-ES
  • 4HP RAV-RM1101FT-ES
  • 5HP RAV-RM1401FT-ES
  • 6HP RAV-RM1601FT-ES