Cool Designs & Toshiba Hotel Success

Cool Designs has already started to receive positive feedback from one of many ongoing hotel projects using the latest Toshiba R32 VRF.


The most recent, a Toshiba R32 SHRM Advance VRF is serving 3 wings of the hotel, each with Slim Duct style indoors.  Each room includes the Toshiba Leak Detector and is backed up by a battery kit.  Control of each room is via the compact remote controller.

“For 10 years the hotel has had nothing but complaints about the air conditioning in the rooms, particularly in winter when heating is needed,  they have had to continuously assist guests with the air conditioning and had invested in room heaters to keep customers happy.

The completed part of the refurbished Wing has been up and running on R32 VRF for several weeks now, with the England Rugby team staying in those rooms recently, and the hotel has not had one single complaint and are absolutely thrilled with the systems so far and the staff has noticed a huge difference in the rooms and the lack of complaints has been a refreshing change.  This bodes well with the hotel group for future projects, of which there are many in the pipeline”