CDL Keeps Going for Green

Cool Designs is genuinely environmentally responsible and we endeavour, wherever possible, to put our environmental policies into practice.

Last year we became carbon neutral, reducing our carbon footprint wherever we could and offsetting the remainder by sponsoring a wind farm in India.

This project involves installing and operating 12 new wind turbines with a combined capacity of 15MW that feed electricity into the Maharashtra State electricity grid. This has significant implications on greenhouse gas emissions. This project helps avoid emissions that would have been produced by power plants that primarily rely on burning fossil fuels for electricity generation.

The total emission reductions are 49,102 tCO2 equivalent, verified and certified to the Voluntary Carbon Standard.

We have also leased a three-acre field, just outside Stoke on Trent, Staffs, and are turning it into a tree plantation. We aim to plant one tree for every VRF air conditioning out-door unit we sell.

We are working with the Forestry Commission on this development and hope that we will be able to involve schools in the area and we are planning a walking tree trail so that the pupils know how to identify different types of trees and learn more about their different environments, why they are good for the environment and the best ways of protecting them.

Part of our environmental concern is that of energy conservation and to this end all of the Toshiba products which we sell can be used in heat pump mode. Additionally we are now offering a complete range of solar panels, which once again can play a big part in energy conservation and carbon emissions.