Backing REFCOM and F-Gas Legislation

REFCOM has applauded the actions of suppliers of refrigeration and air conditioning who are refusing to do business with companies and installers who are not F-gas registered.

Sunderland-based air conditioning distributor Cool Designs Ltd, has informed Refcom it is refusing to sell air conditioning systems or spares to businesses that are not F-gas registered. Cool Designs md, Darrel Birkett, said “We believe that manufacturers, wholesalers and agents have a responsibility and duty of care to ensure that only those who are registered with Refcom, or other certification bodies, are allowed to handle, install or repair their equipment.

“As a matter of policy, we will not sell to any business that can’t provide evidence of being F-Gas registered, and I believe this should be a requirement by law. Our policy is not negatively affecting our sales – if anything, it’s marked us out as being committed to high professional standards.”

“Supplying only to F-Gas registered companies and contractors is a great demonstration of professionalism and environmental responsibility,” said Refcom secretary Steve Crocker.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if air conditioning manufacturers were looking at this policy, too. Our industry has often been ahead of the legislators in recognising the need to do our bit to fight climate change – that’s currently being demonstrated by the success of the Refcom Elite voluntary scheme, which requires higher standards than those stipulated by the F-Gas regulations and demonstrates a commitment to best practice in refrigerant handling.”