Remote Controls BMS & Leak Detection

Toshiba air conditioning offer a number of different control solutions which meet user / designer expectations.

From local individual control and settings to computer based TCC link network, all indoor units can be programmed and set to suit the operational needs. Remote control systems offer a wide range of features including schedule timers, diagnostic functions, power meter, input output signal only to name a few.

Toshiba VRF units are compatible with the industry standard and are connectable to the major Building Management software systems in use. TCC-link is the Toshiba’s dedicated Central Control Network which can be used with the VRF units and the Light commercial units either directly or by means by specially designed network adapters.

We have included below the installation / Owners documents of the common controls.  Please see our library for a full list of remote control manuals.

Standard Controls

Toshiba Standard Remote RBC-AMT32E

The standard remote controller can control an individual indoor unit or a group of 8 indoor units. The remote control allows the operating parameters to be set for the indoor unit. It also allows faults to be displayed and unit configurations to be set up. The weekly timer can be fitted to this remote control.

 CDL Single Data Sheet – RBC-AMT32E

RBC-AMT32E Installation Manual






Toshiba Standard Remote RBC-AMS41E

The remote control offers the standard functions with the an integrated fully programmable schedule timer (7-day timer) function. To set 8 different functions for each day of the week a wide range of parameters can be scheduled: Operation start/stop, mode and Temperature setting.

CDL Single Data Sheet – RBC-AMS41E

RBC-AMS41E Installation Manual

RBC-AMS41E Owners Manual







Toshiba Standard Remote RBC-AMS54E

The RBC-AMS51E is the new local remote controller with a built in 7-Day Timer-featuring a new multi-language LCD display with backlight, Energy Saving Options and a Return back function.

Key Features

  • Possibility to set and display the room name to easily set-up and monitor the working parameters.
  • New Modern and desirable controller design with menu driven display.
  • Save mode by schedule timer to optimize energy consumption.
  • Room temperature display always available.
  • Two “Hot Keys” (F1, F2) for easy operation of air conditioner functions.
  • Easy to read layout including display of Indoor Unit Model Name and serial number.
  • New temperature display that can show the Indoor Unit settings in increments of 0.5°C.
  • Built-in backup power. Settings are kept in memories up to 48 hours in case of power failure.
  • Remote TA sensor available in controller.
  • Can be connected to a single Indoor Unit or a group of up to 8 Indoor Units.

Toshiba Standard Remote RBC-AS41E2

This is a simplified version of the standard wired remote controller and can be connected to a single Indoor Unit, or group of up to 8 Indoor Units. The reduced function display and simplified button layout make this controller the ideal solution for hotel and office applications.


CDL Single Data Sheet – RBC-AS41E

RBC-AS41E2 Installation Manual

RBC-AS41E2 Owners Manual




Toshiba IR Remote Control

The wireless controller is available with a series of receiver unit designs. These receivers are specially designed to fit into different Indoor Unit models to provide a high standard of finish.

The wireless controller features an easy to use and compact button layout, standard control buttons that are always available with increased functions hidden under a sliding screen, and a temperature sensor which can be used in place of the Indoor Unit Return Air (TA) Sensor.

RBC-AX32UWS Installation Manual

RBC-AX32UWS Owners Manual

Central Controls

Toshiba Central Controller TCB-SC642TLE2

The TCB-SC642TLE2 64-Way central controller is TOSHIBA’s standard central control solution and can be connected to up to 64 Indoor Units via the TCC-Link Central Control network.

Indoor Units can be controlled in terms of: Individual Indoor Unit/Group, all Units in a Zone, and all Units connected.

Additional features include 4-levels of remote controller permit/prohibit functions and the option of connecting an additional Schedule Timer.

CDL Single Data Sheet –  TCB-SC642TLE 

TCB-SC642TLE Installation Manual

TCB-SC642TLE Owners Manual


Toshiba Schedule Timer

  • Operating in weekly timer mode and schedule timer mode
  • 6 programming per day
  • Enabling 8 groups to be programmed
  • 100 hrs max back up power supply
  • 7 types of weekly schedule and 3 programming per day (weekly timer mode): combination of operation ON and OFF.

CDL Single Data Sheet –  TCB-EXS21TLE

TCB-EXS21TLE Installation Manual

TCB-EXS21TLE Owners Manual


Toshiba On Off Controller TCB-CC163TLE2

The TCB-CC163TLE2 is a 16-Way ON/OFF controller for use with VRF, DI and SDI equipment (excludes DI Flexi Type). It is a simplified Central Control device that can be connected to up to 16 Indoor Units via the TCC-Link network to provide simple “1 touch” ON/OFF control and for all connected Indoor Units.

CDL Single Data Sheet – TCB-CC163TLE2

TCB-CC163TLE2 Installation Manual

TCB-CC163TLE2 Owners Manual





Toshiba Compliant Manager

This compliant manager is a Central Control device that can be connected to up to 128 Indoor Units (2 x 64 IDU TCCLink Connections).

It offers all of the functionality of the standard Central controller.

CDL Single Data Sheet – BMS-CM1280TLE

BMS-CM1280TLE Installation Manual

BMS-CM1280TLE Owners Manual




Toshiba Smart Manager

The Smart Manager has the same hardware Control Function as the BMS-CM1280TLE Controller, but also has the ability of control from a Local Area Network and, with the use of an additional Interface, is capable of Energy Monitoring and Report Creation Functions.

This controller is ideal where advanced control, Energy Monitoring, advanced scheduling or access to individual Air Conditioners is required from networked computer systems.

CDL Single Data Sheet – BMS-SM1280ETLE

BMS-SM1280ETLE Installation Manual

BMS-SM1280ETLE Owners Manual


Toshiba Touch Screen

The Touch Screen Controller can be connected to 64 or 512 Indoor Units depending on model and offers Energy Monitoring* and schedule program functions. This controller is ideally suited to any small or large installation where Energy monitoring functions are required, or where a professional and highly presentable finish is required.

It can control each of the individual indoor units and is capable of providing information from the indoor unit settings and malfunction check codes.

The Touch Screen is connected to the air conditioner control network directly by relay interfaces.

* Available with BMSTP***PWE Models only and requires an additional relay Interface.


Please note we have a number of alternative options.  Please discuss your requirements with us.


The Toshiba BACnet® control system consists the BMS-LSV6E Intelligent server and the BMSSTBN08E BACnet server software, and can be connected to the TCCLink Central Control Network via a TCS-Net Relay Interface to enable control of up to 128 Indoor Units from a BACnet® building management system.






The Toshiba Lonworks interface 100% LonMark Compliant and is designed to connect the Toshiba Air Conditioning system to a Lonworks Building Management Control System.

This Interface connects directly to the Toshiba TCC-Link Central Control Network on the Air Conditioner side and can be wired on the Indoor or outdoor side depending on preference.

The Interface is then connected to the Lonworks Building Management Control system where it provides 28 Network variables for the sending of Control Commands and receiving unit information.

Multiple Toshiba Lonworks Interfaces can be connected to a single TCC-Link Network and addressed using simple switches provided on the device. This is to enable ease of installation, especially in buildings with separate areas where 1 Interface may be used for each area/floor.

Windows Package

The Interactive Intelligence software tool is a Building Management control software designed for use on the Lonworks Network protocol and can not only be used to control Toshiba Air Conditioner systems, but also any building systems (i.e. Lighting, security, etc…)

Instruction Booklet





Control Accessories

Please note we have a number of alternative options.  Please discuss your requirements with us.

Remote Enable Disable

Toshiba offer a range of accessories to remotely enable / disable the AC systems.  These can be used to link in to PIR sensors, fire alarm systems and BMS.






Indicator Modules

Toshiba offer a range of accessories to give indication of specific functions to other systems for the purpose of monitoring.  Typically these will send a running signal or signal in the event of a fault.






Outdoor Option PCBs

There are a range of PCB’s that can connect to the outdoor units for control and monitoring.





Leak detection

Refrigerant Leak Detection

Please note we have a number of alternative options.  Please discuss your requirements with us.

Toshiba offer several refrigerant leak detection options from standard detection through to alarms and pump down.  The award winning products from Toshiba can satisfy both EN-378 and BREEAM

RBC-RD3 – Instruction Booklet 








Specialist & Bespoke Controls

Specialist & Bespoke

CDL are able to offer custom control solutions. In the form of special control panels or custom switch plate control.  In addition, Toshiba have a number of in house specialist controls and you can find details of some of these below.

RBC-AHU1 – Instruction Booklet

VRF SMMSi Hot Water Module – Instruction Booklet